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Need a Trim? Here are Seattle's Hair Pros to Know

Seattle’s a city of neighborhoods – we mean, so is every city, but hear us out. Seattle’s neighborhoods are each so distinct and separate – often separated by water – that it’s not totally inspiring to step out of your ‘hood on the weekend to check out another. That’s why we’re rounding up the best hot spots in each area. Each week we’ll tackle a new category and let you know which spot does it best in your neighborhood. Got suggestions? Just shoot us an email.

Last week it was nail salons, this week it's hair salons!

We love them, and you know it. Swink Style Bar is one of Seattle’s best places for a quick pampering sesh. They offer incredible blowouts (and a menu of options, so you can customize your look), updos, and hair treatments. This isn’t where you’ll get your hair cut, but it’s where you’ll get dolled up for a night on the town. Try their makeup and lash extension services for the full experience.

University Village
Gene Juarez founded his eponymous salon in 1971 to introduce Seattleites to European hairstyling.Though the salon has since added a spa, nine additional locations and two cosmetology schools, we’re partial to this location for blowouts, stylish cuts, and killer color.

Pioneer Square
Bear with us here. When one of our friends got a good haircut, we asked where they went. It was Foxycut – you know, the salon you don’t think twice about tucked next to Il Corvo. When another friend’s hair looked shinier and healthier in that can’t-put-a-finger-on-it way, we asked what she was doing. She had also just hit up Foxycut. And when a third friend’s cool ombre hair stopped us in her tracks, it wasn’t even that surprising when she told us Foxycut was to thank for her look. Three’s a trend, everybody. The service menu is straightforward, the Instagram game is strong, and the appointments are easy to get. For now.

Seattle’s blondes know: it’s hard to get what you want without going too far. It takes a tough, smart stylist to say “no” when you ask for something that will look ridiculous, and it takes an even tougher, smarter one to rein in your just-make-it-lighter impulses, keep your hair from frying, and leave you looking brighter and better. Amy Quackenbush is that stylist. She opened up shop in 2011 in Fremont after studying with a who’s-who of hair pros, naming Adele Salon after her grandmother. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Capitol Hill
Rudy’s Barbershop opened on Capitol Hill in 1993 when Alex Calderwood (of Ace Hotel fame), Wade Weigel, and David Peterson decided to tackle the traditional barbershop experience from a new angle. They’ve since expanded to California, Oregon, New York, Tennessee, and Georgia. Prices range from $15 for a buzz cut to over $90 for color, and teenier services – think beard trims and bang trims – run around $10-15. Don’t let the grunge vibes and cheaper-than-usual prices fool you, either – the shop’s stylists and product selection are top of the line.