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Lets bring sewing back to Seattle! (Image: TommL / Getty Images)

Local program aims to bring sewing back to Seattle

This ain't your gran-mummies sewing...or is it?

Seattle Sewn is a local program whose goal is to bring back the old school art of sewing! Because there is a higher demand for USA made products, there has been an increased call for qualified industrial workers and Seattle is on the cutting edge to make it happen.

As a lot of apparel manufacturers send their sewing work largely off-shore, it's hard to find local talented sewers.

Because of this, Seattle’s Good Business Network’s Seattle Made, along with Muses, is looking to revitalize Seattle’s sewn goods industry with their Seattle Sewn program. Not only is this project helping bring back demands for locally sourced clothing, but it is also providing work for low income residents, primarily immigrants and refugees.

Here’s some cool things that this program has accomplished since November of 2015:

  • Trained 50 low-income immigrants and refugees as commercial sewers. Trainees have come from 10+ different countries, and 60% of students have been refugees.
  • Through our partners at the UW's Evans School, completed research on the factors that contribute to successful sewn-goods industries in several U.S. cities. Read the report here.
  • Done an initial map of the state of the sector in Seattle (assets, gaps, opportunities, and challenges. Through focus groups and online surveys, the project also researched the market demand among independent designers and small-run manufacturers for a co-production sewing studio.
  • Connected hundreds of industry players in person and through an online platform for collaboration and shared resources.
  • Created a curriculum for advanced training working with a product line from local manufacturer, Outdoor Research.

To celebrate locally made and local fashion, the partners are putting together a fundraiser called “Fashion Evolution.” This is the kick off for Seattle Sewn that will be held on June 6th from 6-9 p.m. at the Riveter on Capitol Hill.

The event will feature works from Filson, Silvae, Prarie Underground, Freeman, Nube9, and more. Each of the following places have vowed to commit to Seattle manufacturing. Pretty cool huh?!

For more information, visit Seattle Sewn’s website.