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These stylish baby clothes are the perfect holiday gift for your little one

Being a parent isn't a full-time job, it's an all the time job.

24/7, 365 and off-days, they don't really exist. As the mother of an energetic little guy, Brittani Straub knows that all too well.

"You don't really understand [mom life] until you're in it. I love every bit of being a mom but sometimes you kind of question 'who am I now? What are my responsibilities besides taking care of this little human?'. I started to realize there's this whole community of moms out there that just need to support one another," said Straub.

That realization led Brittani to become a mom-prenuer, leaving behind a successful career in the dental field to start Little Bipsy, a collection of hip, modern apparel for babies and toddlers.

"I started collecting these brands and building up the website and my online shop, which really came about because I loved meeting all these moms around the world...Eventually I started coming out with my own. Designed my high tops, launched those, and that's kind of where it went big," explained Straub.

Brittani's first sneakers, named after her son Connor, sold out in just two months, and her new designs remain best-sellers.

"They're cute, they're stylish, they're easy. I put a lot of design details into these that make sense for moms...I went ahead and did the elastic laces and the Velcro so it creates a wide and easy opening for on and off. I did a little extra padding around the ankle for support and comfort. And then the flexible soles, yet durable enough to be worn outside, to encourage natural and healthy foot development," explained Straub.

You can find Little Bipsy at their brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Edmonds and, of course, online. Some big name moms are also big-time fans, like HGTV host and former Bachelorette star Jillian Harris, who featured Little Bipsy on her wildly popular blog.

"It was really amazing. I was totally not expecting her to do a whole story on me...and then I realized I was at the top of her blog," said Straub.

Now, Brittani has branched out beyond sneakers, designing all sorts of functional, fashionable clothes that are perfect for little ones, like the classic snap romper and the recently-launched flannel shirt.

"I really took my time in designing this one," said Straub of the flannel. "I put the little lining in the neck, the corduroy, as well as the cuffs. You can unbutton it and wear it with a basic tee or dress it up with some cute little slacks."

Another favorite? The pullover and jogger sets, which come in adult and baby sizes.

"These are probably one of our most popular products and I think it's because you can match your little ones in these," explained Straub.

Her business is growing, and life may have changed, but for Brittani, one thing will always remain the same.

"I tell all my customers when they come in here...I have loved every stage of being a mom and granted there's the hard times, but there's also the best times and everything in between. It's amazing. I love being a mom."