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We're seeing it on the runways too! (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

8 ways to rock the Goth Trend without going full EMO

Welcome to the dark side. If you think black is just for angsty teenagers, you're wrong - just ask designers like Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta. The "Gothic Glam" trend is all over the runways, where you can find versions of the sassy-meets-gloomy aesthetic.

Still a little nervous? We don't blame you. Something about the word goth just immediately makes us think:

Don't be scared - It turns out that going Goth doesn’t mean you have to go full Manson. Think something closer to Abby from NCIS (i.e., cute Goth). Here are 8 ways you can work "Gothic Glam" touches into your look:

  1. LACE: A lace dress is a fool-proof option. Long or short, we love it all. Pair with black opaque tights for fall (my FAV brand is Commando).
  2. LEATHER: Invest in a leather coat or leather pencil skirt. Pair with a sheer blouse or a lace top. An easy look that is always cute is black distressed jeans with a leather coat. Very on trend and super versatile.
  3. MAKE-UP: The easiest way to give your look a touch of Goth is your make-up. Go for vampire-like lips, think a deep red or berry shade to add some edge. Add a smokey eye for drama.
  4. NAILS: The darker the better. My go-to is "Lincoln Park After Dark" by OPI.
  5. COLOR: Darker colors are perfect for this trend, ranging from black, oxblood, midnight blue or even emerald green.
  6. HIGH COLLARS: Keep your necklines high to pull off this trend this season. Think Gothic romance with this Victorian-inspired look. If you feel like you're covering up to much skin, try a light weight or sheer fabric for balance.
  7. ACCESSORIES: Accessories can play a big part. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. It's all about the bejeweled statement pieces.
  8. BOOTS: Finish your Goth-inspired look off with a pair of laced up ankle boots or black heels.

You can work "Gothic Glam" touches into your look in varying degrees, depending on how much drama you want to add to your look. Check out the gallery for more dark, moody and mysterious ways to change up your look and get onboard with the "Goth Glam" trend!