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Ciara's Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture dress left one leg completely exposed with a high-slit, metallic and black beading - and she's never looked better. (Image: Adriana M. Barraza/

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Seattle Diehards

Halloween is today! If you successfully missed getting roped into a costume party this weekend, congratulations – you’ve dodged a bullet. The day is still young though, and it’s entirely possible you’ll somehow get tricked into handing out candy-clad in some sort of get up this evening. Here are a few Seattle-centric low-commitment costumes you can don this evening.

Ciara and Russell Wilson
Person One: don a slinky dress, add a ring-pop to your left ring finger and wear some beach waves (bonus points if you’re currently pregnant.) Person Two: Just add a jersey and look adoringly at your significant other. Bam – you’re Seattle’s first couple.

Stay-At-Home Mariner
What would you wear if it was your day off from work? A robe and slippers, perhaps? Maybe you’d tote a cup of coffee and a newspaper? Add a Cano jersey to the whole look and you’re a stay-at-home Mariner. The World Series is still in progress, but we all know the M’s are staying at home this week. (DANG IT, GUYS)

Just wear an Oklahoma City Thunder jersey. Yeah, that's the whole costume.

So you’re running late. It’s cool, so is Bertha! Add some spikes somewhere in your get up – think spiky heels, spiky hair, spiky studs on your jacket. (It really doesn’t matter where, because it’s not like Bertha’s spiky teeth reliably chew up earth or anything.) Show up anywhere from fifteen minutes to fifteen months late to the party. Yes, this means you’ll show up to a Halloween party in January 2018. Your commitment to costume veracity is just that strong.

If all else fails? Don a black blazer, stick some pumpkin stickers on it, and you’re Saturday Night Live sensation David S. Pumpkins. Convince a friend or two to dress up as skeletons (THEY’RE PART OF IT!) and dance around. (Editor’s notes: we’re so in the weeds with David Pumpkins.)