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(Image: Kelly Skahan / Seattle Refined)

Kick That Hangover With a New Year's Day Massage

New Year’s is a once-a-year thing for most people – not me, though. This year I got to try out a New Year’s-only service at Elaia Spa downtown a few days early, and I’m here to tell you that it’s worth booking right now. (No, seriously. Stop reading. Book it NOW.)

When Olive 8 asked me if I wanted to try out their secret hangover cure, I was intrigued and skeptical – surely there is no hangover cure more efficient than my time-tested combination of Excedrin, water, dry toast, and heading back to bed before ordering Pagliacci three hours later! Dear reader, I was so wrong.

Olive 8’s New Year’s Eve Recovery massage is billed as a magical treatment designed to rid you of your NYE hangover right away the morning of January 1st. The combo of healing herbs and Elaia’s essential oils, paired with a massage, are supposed to help you shake the headache and nausea by ridding the body of toxins, boosting hydration and giving your immune system a kickstart.

First, though, I’d need to get a hangover. Olive 8’s restaurant, Urbane, was my location of choice for obtaining said malady. I tried out some signature cocktails – grab the seasonal champagne cocktail, a Peartridge, if you know what’s good for you – and dove into some Beecher’s mac and cheese. (Did I want water? Yes. Was I offered water? Of course. Did I accept? NO. I am a serious journalist and I was getting a hangover if it killed me.)

I'll tell you what: it worked! I felt less than awesome the next morning. My head hurt, my skin was dull, and I wanted to go back to bed. But like I said: I'm a serious journalist, so I headed to Elaia to let them figure this business out. (The things I do for you, Seattle.)

Listen. I believe in science. I think the best cure for a hangover is re-hydrating, sleeping, and medicating if necessary. I was extremely skeptical. But believe me when I say I walked out of this massage feeling about ten times better.

First I changed into a heavy, warm robe and fitted sandals before heading to the relaxation suite, where I was treated to some tea and water, starting the rehydration process right away. I was then whisked away to a treatment room, where my massage therapist, Shawnay, asked me how I was feeling. I told her about my headache and she went to work using massage oils infused with herbs to help me feel less puffy and achy. 60 minutes later I was feeling great – less shivery and totally cured of my headache.

The treatment will cost you $125 for a 60-minute treatment and $185 for 90 minutes, and it’s only available on New Year’s Day – that means you’ll need to book in advance and plan ahead. if you’re planning on drinking champagne at any point that night, we recommend it.