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(Image: Angela Sterling)

This Seattle man danced his way from 'Swan Lake' to skincare

Seattle, meet Jordan Samuel.

You may recognize that name for a couple reasons.

A) He's a former Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer
B) He now runs a successful skincare line called Jordan Samuel Skin

A dancer from a young age, Samuel went to a professional artistic high school with Macaulay Culkin, Julia Stiles and Christina Ricci.

"I fell in love with the ballet," he said. "I was immediately taken by the classics and knew that I was destined for a world of beauty."

It was one afternoon watching 'Martha Stewart' when Samuel realized his dreams had changed from the ballet, to the board room. Stewart asked the audience what they would do with their life if money was no issue, and Samuel yelled at the TV like a crazy person (his words, not mine) "Start my own skincare line!"

Being a professional dancer had also started his passion for skincare.

"Between hot lights, heavy petroleum-filled stage makeup and intensive daily sweating, my skin went through the ringer," said Samuel. "I took to watching the ballerinas and noting their beauty routines as they always had the most flawless skin. I set out to find the most effective ways to turn my skin condition around, enlisting the help of plant oils for keeping the complexion balanced, as well as advanced, naturally sourced and active ingredients to help with the aging process."

And just like that - Samuel went from professional dancer to professional skincare expert and Jordan Samuel Skincare was born. His three must-haves from his line are the treatment cleanser, hydrate serum, and retinol oil. Note: I've been using the treatment cleanser for two weeks and love the life its giving my skin.

Now go get your glow on! His old pal Julia Stiles is obsessed with the line, so what's not to like?!

Check out the entire product online.