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If we're being #Honest, Jessica Alba is sweet as Honey

You guys, Jessica Alba is absolutely darling. The actress and businesswoman has the beauty and the brains, and we can vouch for that firsthand after meeting her at the flagship Nordstrom to promote her Honest line, talk about her love for Seattle and dish on her fav style icons (or at least what it takes to be fashionable). We got to sit down with with the brunette beauty (and side-note, when I told her I had a 7-month-old daughter named June she literally gasped and said if she ever has another girl that's what she wants to name essentially we're best friends).

Seattle Refined: Tell us the inspiration behind your uber successful Honest line?
Jessica Alba: "When I was pregnant with my first (daughter) 8 years ago, I was washing her clothes when I broke out into a rash. I thought this can't be good for babies if this is happening to me! I really wanted to come up with a line of products that were toxin free and affordable." Jessica, who is a mom to girls Honor and Haven, said she loves coming up with the cute prints for the diapers that change every season. Her entire family uses the lotion and body wash, "it's not just for babies!". Also I love that there's a diaper bag back-back. She wanted it to be chic and something a dad wouldn't be embarrassed using either.

What are three must-have items every parents should have in their diaper bag?
"The diapers and wipes are a MUST at all times!" She went on the say that the pre-packaged gift baskets are ideal for an Honest beginner - "They have everything you need".

What's the toughest part about being a mom in Hollywood?
"I think as moms we all want the same thing, to raise good kids and give them the best life possible. I think everyone can relate to that". She didn't indicate any big issues with being a celeb mom (either she's perfect or wanted to keep it private). Either way, #classact.

The series Dark Angel took place in Seattle, do you have an fond memories of the Northwest?
"YES! I lived in Vancouver for two years early on in my career and I loved it. I definitely miss it. Washington is such a great place to live, I miss the atmosphere and the people".

So does this mean we get you back in Seattle? Would you ever move here?
"Never say never! I really do enjoy Seattle. The Honest line has actually done very well in Seattle. The people are really environmentally cautious and care about the earth and I really like that".

You're a successful businesswoman and actress, is there one job you prefer more than the other?
"I like them both for different reasons - I have to use a different part of my brain for both roles. I've been acting for a long time, more than 20 years, but with owning a business it's new and with that comes challenges. I'm learning so many new things everyday. I wouldn't say I like one over the other, they are just different".

Do you have a style icon in Hollywood, someone you look up to for fashion?
"That's a really tough one for me! I think I usually lean towards the stylist behind the actress, not the actress themselves. I really admire all the hard work the stylist puts in". She went on to say the thing she finds most appealing is confidence. When someone is confident it makes them standout.

Do you have a stylist or do you pick out your own outfits?
"It's a mixture of both. I definitely have a stylist on hand for certain situations, but I always 100% have a say in what I wear."

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