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Inside Bellevue Fashion Week: Nora Suárez

The Designer: Nora Suárez

The Brand: LOURDES é EVA | Autumn Winter Collection 2017, “Solace”

The Look: Effortless – Refined – Tomboy-with-Flair

Nora Suárez uses high-quality natural materials to create looks that are sophisticated yet playful. Drawing on her Mexican heritage, her innate curiosity and her insistence on comfort, Suárez makes clothes that are simultaneously simple, distinctive and infinitely wearable.

The Inspiration:

“I admire many designers; however I do go through phases. Currently I am inspired by Jacquemus and Jesse Kamm. In my designs I try to combine Jacquesmus’ playfulness and architecture with Kamm’s simplicity and comfort.”

Behind the Design:

“I was highly influenced by paternal grandmother, whom I watched on her sewing machine when I was a young child. At the age of 17, I worked in the industry for a brief period of time though my focus was retail and window displays. I did not learn how to sew until roughly four years ago when I started fashion school.

In my designs, I prefer to use are all natural fibers such as silk, wool, cashmere, linen and cotton. I aspire to make higher quality pieces that can be worn for years to come. And I also want them to provide warmth and breathability when needed and feel comfortable, soft and pleasant for the wearer.

Many of the silhouettes are very simple for any body type and can be worn from day to evening. I am a curious person and I love to create wonder and novelty for myself, and want to translate this into my designs. I want to combine art with a sense of freshness, a child-like spirit, playfulness and curiosity.”

Fashion Advice:

On Trends

“Living in Seattle, where much of the street fashion you witness are monochromatic black, and gray (maybe white?), I love all the bright colors trending this spring season.” So don’t be afraid of a little color, okay?

On Being Fashionable

“Only wear clothes that are non-restricting, make you feel beautiful and express who you are as a person.”

On Past Fashion Faux Pas

Suárez admits that she has lots of room to grow as a designer but has not, at this point, had old creations inspire cringing. She does reflect with nostalgia on her style as a teen which was “quite tomboyish with military boots and rolled up jeans” that she distressed herself.

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