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In early March, wear it exactly how it’s intended – tightly wrapped around you and tied up to keep the rain from sneaking in. (Image: Nordstrom)

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb: What to Wear for March

March! It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb! Or at least that’s what we hear – here in Seattle, it comes in more like a mid-40s rainy day and goes out like a high-50s rainy day, which is is still pretty good. The beginning of the spring fashion season is particularly tough here in the PNW, tough, because we need our late-winter clothes to keep us warm and dry for half the month before easily transitioning into something slightly springy later in the month.

Never fear, though! We’ve got three new spring pieces that actually fit the bill!

The Tote:
In early March, this is a sneakily water-resistant faux-leather bag. That’s right – polyurethane is plastic, and that means this under-$50 tote wipes down when you splash something on it, will keep your suede shoes nice and dry when you carry them on your commute, and adds a sweet, springy touch to anything dark and wintery you’re wearing now. In late March, though, this is your entry into spring fashion. It’s bright! It’s blush! It’s affordable! It’s just as appropriate on the bus as it is on the beach! Talk about a transition piece.

The Trench:
In early March, wear it exactly how it’s intended – tightly wrapped around you and tied up to keep the rain from sneaking in. It looks great over all the pretty tweeds and wool pieces you don’t want to get gross and musty in the later-winter gloom. (We’d throw in an umbrella, too – there isn’t a hood.) At the end of the month, all bets are off. Wear it with white jeans! Wear it with sandals! Wear it with the tote we just mentioned! Shoot, wear it with everything! This is the jacket you’re going to throw on every night until June-uary.

The T-Strap:
In early March, get it water-treated and wear it, well, with the trench and the tote. (Oh, and some tights. Add some tights. It’s cold.) When it warms up, though, throw it on just like this: with a black midi dress, a graphic bag and a slouchy jacket. You’ll nail the cool-girl look with basically no effort.

The Cocktail Dress:
Oh man. If you’re wearing a cocktail dress right now, you’re doing it for an event – something that calls for, oh, a trench and a pretty t-strap, perhaps? Let the dress take centerstage in early March. In late March add a patterned jacket and some bright booties and you’ve given a cocktail number a whole new life as an out-and-about dress. We like nothing more than a frock that can do double duty.