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I Did It: I bought that infamous $400 hair dryer, and I love it

About a year ago I started hearing about a new hair dryer on the block. A futuristic looking one from none other than Dyson. Dyson, you say? Yes, the same Dyson that is well known for their vacuums. Apparently they have big plans to move into the hair care market.

I did a halfhearted search to read a little more about the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer and found that this beauty appliance held a hefty price tag - $400.

That ended my interest.

I mean, just imagine what you can buy with $400!

Months passed and I kept thinking about this ridiculously expensive beauty product. Thanks to my long, thick hair I was often tempted...would a hair dryer investment really make my life easier and my hair more manageable? The reviews said so and Dyson promises some pretty amazing results:

  • Protection from extreme heat damage
  • Faster drying
  • Controlled styling that increases smoothness by 75%
  • Increased shine by up to 132%
  • Decreased frizz and flyaways by up to 61%

So I did what any budget conscious person would do. I bought a knockoff. One that looked like the Dyson hair dryer and had decent reviews from other sticker shocked folks like me. Had I been looking for a regular hair dryer, the knock off would have been just fine. It dried my hair. But, it did not give me any spectacular results. So, since I already had a regular hair dryer, I returned the knock off and kept dreaming.

Then, I realized my birthday was coming!

So, I did it. I splurged big time on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. I’m calling it birthday plus Christmas plus Valentine’s Day to lessen my guilt.

Before I made my purchase, I knew I needed to to hear, see, and feel the real thing. So I made my way to Ulta since they carry the Dyson in stores. The manager at Ulta gave me the full rundown: “Everyone loves it. Our stylists use it. I have a gift option in the back that comes with a free stand!”

Basically, she did her job and she did it well. I was sold.

I opted to buy directly from Ulta as they have a wonderful return policy. Plus, the manager fully encouraged me to give my new hair dryer a try and then decide if my $400 hair dryer was for keeps or not. Well, just a few blow drys in and I'm 100% sold. My long, thick hair is THRILLED with this investment. It's honestly no wonder the Dyson hair dryer has such a cult following. This beauty appliance is a wonder.

Other than the price - it’s still hard to accept and when I confessed to my mom she choked on her tea - I don’t have a ton of downfalls to share. The dryer is not too heavy (1.8 pounds) and very quiet. It truly does make my hair smoother - I just touch-up with a straighter now versus a full head straightening. And it absolutely dries my hair faster. Way faster. I love all the settings for speed and heat and always end with a cold shot to lock it all in at the end. Oh, and the styling attachments magnet on and off!

It does bother me that at $400 you don’t get more accessories. I lucked out that mine came with a stand, which is normally a $60 add on. But now I want the case for storage/travel and that’s another $60. Eek!

Thankfully I have my daughter to share my new hair dryer with. She inherited my thick hair so it kind of feels like we are getting double bang for our buck. That eases the investment a bit.

All in all, can you get a decent hair dryer for cheaper? Absolutely. But, if you want a machine that melds technology with results and is specially made for multiple types of hair. Well, the Dyson is worth considering.

I truly can’t believe I’m happily declaring that the $400 Dyson hair dryer is worth it, but it is. At least for me.

Now, heaven help me, I have my eye on the Dyson hair dryer’s companions the Dyson Coralle straightener and the Dyson Airwrap styler. It will take me a long time (forever?) to choke down the $500+ price tag for each of those though!