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Thicker, fuller brows are in - and if you don't have those naturally, there's a market for how to get them. (Image: Thinkstock)

I tried microblading to get perfect eyebrows

Tired of waxing, threading, sugaring, plucking, and drawing in your eyebrows every morning? Microblading is your answer to having flawlessly perfect eyebrows for 1-3 years without ever even touching them! Some of us have heard our sisters or friends mention this procedure, but if you're anything like me, "permanent make-up" was not something you ever would consider. There's way to much risk involved right? Not with Microblading!

This brand new service from Gene Juarez consists of one of their very talented skincare experts, tattooing little blades of hair that follow the pattern and direction of your actual eyebrows, creating perfectly manicured and NATURAL-LOOKING brows.

After over-plucking in my youth left me with a patch of non-existent hair on both sides, I found that even when I would draw in my brows, they didn't look the greatest, mostly due to my lack of patience, time, and skill. Microblading is like waking up to find a professional make-up artist tackled your brows overnight. Making that Beyonce song at least a tiny bit accurate.

So let's address the immediate concerns/questions you may have...

Did it hurt?
Kind of, but not really. They apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area before they start and after the first pass or two, my lovely skincare therapist Faith, applied another round the help with the discomfort. They were a bit sore that evening with minimal itchiness/discomfort throughout the next day or so, but was still extremely manageable.

How long did it take?
From arrival to stepping out the door, the whole process took two hours. And the best part is that the results were immediate! I was also nervous about being red or swollen and going in public but you could barely tell I had anything done. I even went out that night and the only comments I received about them were compliments!

Does it actually look real?
Yes!! Even looking very closely the tattooed hair looks just as natural as my actual blades of hair. Try not to imagine the old school pictures of permanent make-up with all one-color, caterpillar-like shapes above your eyes. This is a much more subtle approach.

For those of you that have a hard time trusting the online before/after pics, I've sacrificed my vanity and included unaltered pictures from my experience.

Sure, there were times when I was laying there thinking "Um...I'm letting somebody tattoo my face right now," but with the training the skincare therapists go through as well as their thorough discussion of what you're looking for, my mind was definitely put at ease.

What's the process like?
Just like a normal tattoo, the skincare therapist will draw on what they're thinking and allow you to approve the color of the ink as well before any needle use goes down (see related images). They use a tool that measures out the perfect shape of your brow depending on your face shape and fill in the appropriate places. Once you approve the shape, thickness, and color, that's when you get started with the anesthetic and the actual microblading process.

Eight weeks following your first appointment, there's a touch-up session where you can go fuller if you were too conservative the first time or make adjustments based on your desires. Being semi-permanent, this treatment won't last forever but definitely long enough to save some serious money and time from having to buy eyebrow pencils anymore.

Still hesitant? Take a look at the before/after pics related to this story and/or stop by for a consultation and have a skincare therapist talk you through the process before committing.