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Getting a six pack is hard work, and if you want to enhance what you have right now, why not? (Photo Credit: IT Cosmetics)

How to get perfect abs in 10 minutes

Perfect abs in 10 minutes?! Um, yes, please!

"Fake It 'Til You Make It" has never been so appealing..imagine walking on the beach and people gawking at your toned tummy...or (between us, shhh!) makeup technique.

Britney Spears, beauty queens and even contestants on Dancing with the Stars have been using this sneaky body contouring technique for years. Getting a six pack is hard work, and while I'm not saying drawing abs on a beer belly will work, if you want to enhance what you have, why not?

Beth Ferreira has been in the beauty industry for almost 30 years and knows all the secrets to these 'toned' abs. She works for IT Cosmetics, a company specializing in makeup for sculpted bodies, founded by local (and 2000 Miss WA USA) Jamie Kern Lima.

Intrigued? Ferreira and I both spills the secrets on how to create the perfect abs for summertime!

Tell us about the contouring abs procedure.
Body contouring is all about exaggerating what you have, so remember to use bronzer on what you want to see, and highlighter on what you want to hide.

"The simplest way to apply contouring is this: the darker colors create depth, like a cavern so the outsides of the muscles, the outline, will be deeper," explains Ferreira. "The light colors - the highlights - bring light and our focus to the area so the central part of the muscles will be lighter."

Specific steps Ferreria uses to create perfect abs:

  • First, Bronzer for Abs! Using a blending concealer brush, custom blend the darker colors- at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Line the outsides of the muscles.

TIP: It's ok if you see an actual line of color, this may even look like a cartoonish version of abs. Don't worry! You'll easily blend it out at the end.
  • Lastly, Highlight! Using the highlighting brush, add either the matte (white) highlighter or even the shimmer highlighter to the inside areas of the lines you just blurred. Together the mix of light and dark will emphasize, even create the perfect six pack!

I want to jump in the water but I don't want my abs to wipe off! HELP!
I'd suggest using eyeliners that are easily blended. Make sure they're waterproof though! And do not forget to blend.

"A number of waterproof makeup setting sprays or even using waterproof eye liners will work," said Ferreria. "The It Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (the brown and highlight colors are perfect for abs) to create a sweat proof/swim proof contour."

I would love to show my friend how to use this technique, but she is tanner than I am. How do I do this with my products?
Get various bronzers and create your own blend, or different blends for your friends. The beauty of makeup is it is easily changed or if a disaster strikes, wiped off.

Ferreira suggests the My Sculpted Face palette, as it has four contour shades within it, making it easy to customize for every skin tone.

I don't want to be called out for painting on my abs! How do I be more sneaky about it?
"Blend, blend, blend!" Ferreria says. Use brushes specifically designed for optical blurring, which you can find some at ULTA or in the The Velvet Luxe Line.