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Glam App Founders .jpg
Glam App Founders - celeb makeup artist Joey Maalouf and actress Cara Santana. (Image: GLAM APP) 

Need to get glam within an hour? There's [literally] an app for that

You can get a can on-demand. You can get your food on-demand. You can even get a massage on-demand.

Why not get your freaking makeup and hair done...ON-DEMAND?????

Have you heard of the Glam App? It's an app you can download that gives you the option to hire a make-up artist, hair stylist or nail tech that will come to your house. Need I repeat?

You can hire your own personal GLAM TEAM to come to your house to get all done up (à la Kardashians)!

Glam App is the brainchild of celeb makeup artist Joey Maalouf and actress Cara Santana (fiancé of actor Jesse Metcalfe). Possibly the most gorgeous couple we know.

So you'd think that this app would only be used in New York, and Los Angeles - where they get glam all the time, where there's a high percentage of celebrities, etc. etc. But as we *peasants* know, everyone likes to get fancy! Whether it's for date night, your wedding day, or JUST CUZ - I wouldn't hate a consummate professional coming over to do my nails every now and then.

So thanks goodness the app recently launched in Seattle! I took on the super hard task of trying this bad boy out. SUPER HARD TASK guys. But I do it for the people.

But in all honestly - we really attempt to try things out ourselves here at Refined, so that when we recommend things to you - we do it in good faith. If you're reading that we like something on here, it's almost always because we've tried it out, and given it the Refined stamp of approval.

And it was a no-brainer to give Glam App the stamp. First off - It's pretty simple. You just download the app on your phone, just like you would Postmates or Uber. Here's what it looks like:

Choose the service, (or services) you want and BOOM. Your glam squad will be at your door within an hour. The styles come pre-determined so you can just pick the one you want: like beachy waves, blow-out, smokey eye, etc. They also offer regular polish mani/pedis, gel or acrylic.

You have the option to select three types of experts: Beginner, Mid-level or VIP. Price is then based on experience level (i.e. nail prices range from $30-$100, hair services $50-$110 and makeup $60-$125).

I opted for a make-up application from a VIP level make-up artists named Allegra LaBella. Fun fact, she did Taylor Nolan's makeup for a recent shoot (the local gal from Bachelor in Paradise that just got engaged). She was super professional and made me feel like a queen. I asked her to just 'go for it' and do whatever she thought would look best. She started with my eyes and went from there. I'm litterally cringing as I share this BEFORE photo (no foundation yet):

It took an hour, lots of girl talk and laughs and then TA-DA! Here's the AFTER:

You can book an appointment days in advance or day of. I'm going to do it again for sure! If you want to give it a go, download the app here (and ask for Allegra, she's amazing)!