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Desiree Hartsock and Kelsey Vanderhorst of KV Bijou just launched the Desiree for KV Bijou bridal jewelry collection. (Image: Iulia Agnew Photography / KV Bijou)

Former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock launches her bridal jewelry line

With a wedding coming up in mid-January, it's only natural that former Bachelorette and Seattle-transplant Desiree Hartsock choose now to launch her new line of bridal jewelry with Kelsey Vanderhorst of KV Bijou. We chatted with her about her favorite pieces, love of all things wedding, and the Big Day itself!

SR: Weddings and seems to be an important and big part of your career - and now life! Have you always been this excited about weddings, or only more so as you've gotten older and begun relationships yourself?
DH: It's funny because I was never that girl playing with Barbies, planning my wedding when I was younger but just fell in love with everything about the industry and the true meaning behind weddings. I first knew that I wanted to design in the bridal industry while attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merch in LA. and kept pursuing it after graduating. Working with brides in bridal salons and assisting a bridal hair accessories designer was my first start and the more I get into the industry the more I love it!

What/who did you use as inspiration for the pieces?
Kelsey and I both love nature and the ocean so we were first inspired by the free-spirited waves and organic lines of nature. We wanted to create pieces that were unique while also versatile and did incorporate vintage details that I love along with moroccan elements.

Will you be wearing any of these pieces at your own impending nuptials?
Yes I will be wearing some pieces from our collection but haven't narrowed down the exact style just yet. Stay tuned! ;)

Along those lines - do you have a favorite piece? Does Chris? How involved (if at all) was he in this collection?
Chris is always supportive but when it comes to design, he leaves that to me and just likes everything. I really love the Grace dangle drop earring, necklace and cuff. They have a subtle glam with vintage/ art deco lines and shapes.

Speaking of your own wedding, rumors are that it will be in mid-January! Are you completely inundated with planning, or are you coasting little easier than other brides since weddings have been a part of your career for so long?
Since I have seen many brides and friends get married it does make the planning process a little easier since I know what to expect. We are pretty set and just ready for the big day! ;))

What can you share about your wedding? Will it be here in Seattle? Are you designing your own dress?
The wedding will be in LA but I will be having my friend Steve Moore (a planner here in Seattle) do the flowers and design so it's been great having him here to plan. I have designed my own dresses for the ceremony and reception with Maggie Sottero and look alike versions of the dresses will be available in my collection (Desiree Hartsock with Maggie Sottero) after the wedding.