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Wouldn't it be great if we could wear our comfy or workout clothes the entire day? (Image: Thinkstock)

Five ways to secretly wear your workout clothes all day long

Whether you're a busy young mom or always racing out the door professional, we can all probably agree on:

  1. There's not enough time in the day.

  2. If the world accepted us in pajamas it'd be a happier place.

  3. Yoga pants are the best thing to hit our closets since the pushup bra.

A solution to all of these would be to wear our comfy or workout clothes the entire day. Whether you're going on a date, or heading straight from the office to the gym - check out these five simple techniques of doing all that....without changing.


Putting on jewelry will make you look like you had this outfit in mind to go out in public. Throwing on a pair of dangling earrings drastically changes your look - as does adding a long, colorful necklace to connect your outfit and add a pop of color.

Change your shoes

Obviously you won't be wearing your Nikes to the office, but you can still be comfortable in your leggings or form fitting pants by adding a high boot. Ankle length yoga pants are a must, and it just so happens that ankle booties are one of fall's hottest trends and pair perfectly with them! Heading on a date? Throw on a high heel.


Simple. After all, it is fall! Not only are there hundreds of colors to choose from to brighten your outfit, but no matter how you throw on a scarf, loosely around your neck or knotted - it spices things up.

Layer, Layer, Layer

And we're not just talking with scarfs or cardigans. If you have tighter workout pants, throw a skirt (or dress) on over them! If you're feeling brave with your yoga pants and high skirt, wear a simple crop top or even a sexy sports-bra. It will show just enough mid-drift for a night out on the town.

Pick A New Style of Workout Pants

There is always the slim fitting yoga pant, but you have more options! Athleta has the 'City Pant Collection' which feature looser, more relaxed fitted slacks that go great with tighter tops. You can find similar collections at most workout appeal boutiques and even mainstream stores like Target.