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(Image: Malia Peoples)

Dear Seattle: You Should Probably Know That There's A Dog Sewing Class in Ballard

People use clothes to show off their personality, why not let your dog do the same? Seattle fashion designer Malia Peoples is hosting a workshop to teach you how to sew an outfit for your fur baby. After all, it’s nice to have something special for your fabulous fido to wear, plus it's just so dang cute.

Seattle Refined: Um hi. Can you please tell us about your DOG SEWING CLUB in Ballard?
The Dog Sewing Club is a fun, one-time class where students can sharpen their sewing skills while making a hilarious outfit for their favorite furry friend. We encourage people to bring re-purposed materials to class; join us to make a t-shirt for a small dog or a cape for a big dog. This is a great class to learn the basics of sewing, take a shirt home for your fur kid, and have the knowledge to make more in your spare time!

What’s your inspiration behind this class?
Malia Peoples: There are tons of sewing classes around town. What makes DSC different is that people of all sewing abilities can come together to make something interesting for their cute or ugly pet. While making an apron or a tote is cool, we want to give our pets the stylish bump they deserve. This class is co-taught with my friend and New York Fashion Academy co-worker Candace Cantaloupe; many laughs are guaranteed!

Have you taught this class before?
DSC is a class that we hold once a year and upon request; it's been going on since 2015.

Can people bring their dogs? What about sewing for other animals?
Unfortunately, our current space does not allow for people to bring their dogs. Someday we hope to have a spot where our dogs can join us! (People are encouraged to bring a photo of their dog).

This might be a stupid question given the context but...are you an animal lover?
I love animals very much. I'd like to dedicate this to my cat Twosie who passed away this winter at the ripe age of 19. Her twin sister, Onesie is still around.

What other kinds of sewing classes do you offer?
I teach private or small group classes in knitwear, sewing, and pattern making in my Belltown studio. In my most popular classes, we make miniskirts, shrugs, drawstring pouches, and recreate a favorite tee-shirt. I work closely with my students to tailor a program to suit their needs and abilities.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever designed?
I designed a dress for a fashion design competition that I really did not want to win; it was mandatory and sponsored by a big drink company. We had to use their labels in our designs, and so I created a dress with a giant applique poop swirl. The flies sewn onto it were made using the drink labels.

The next dog sewing class is scheduled for Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., and you can sign up online.

If worse comes to worst and your dog isn't into their new digs, at least it will make a good chew toy.