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Criss cross Front.jpg
Criss cross front bralette (Image: Forever21)

A guide to must-have summer staple, the Bralette

As a Seattleite, my love for cloudy weather and fall boots makes it difficult sometimes to adjust to summer weather. Not that I don't love and appreciate it, but when those temps rise, I tend to be a bit of heat wimp and comfort is key! Not only is the Bralette one adorable trend that ads an extra pizazz to an outfit, but eliminates those pesky bra straps and is perfect for those razorback tank tops or summer dresses. . But finding the perfect one can be tricky! Especially with backless shirts and bodysuits, having different styles to get that perfect look is a necessity. Here are my current favs and local spots to grab the perfect one for you.

The Lace Halter from Free People
This one has been my favorite go-tos for years. It fits really well with the perfect amount of stretch plus an array of colors. This bralette adds some sexy femininity to any outfit from a dress to an old t-shirt.

The Multiple Strap Design (Back)
This is perfect for open backs or if your top is a bit sheer. The design coming through adds an special touch to the whole look! This bralette tends to have more support than some of the lacy options and is ridiculously comfortable. You can find this one at local boutiques such as Peridot in Queen Anne, or pick one up for around $10 from Abercrombie and Fitch. Yes, I just referenced A&F. Shout-out to every item of clothing I owned in the 7th grade!

The Criss-cross (Front)
This one is especially perfect for low cut necklines. This look is the perfect balance between sexy and not too showy. I have one flowy casual dress in particular that I wear mine with and people always think it's just part of the dress. Start with the black one and once you love it -which you will -try a blue or pink one for a pop of color. Get one version from for under $10!

The Patterned Outfit-Maker
These bralettes are made to be seen! Build your outfit around these unique patterns and use it like a statement necklace. This one is less practical for every day but is a great way to shake up a favorite outfit combination and try a new look. There are always quirky and adorable options like this one cycling through Urban Outfitters.