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Back to school sales are popping up everywhere! (Image: Thinkstock)

"Back To School" shopping for the kid in all of us

Been in a store lately? There's no escaping it - back to school sales are in full swing.

But those deep discounts aren't just for kids or adults headed back to the classroom. Seattle wardrobe stylist and fashion expert Darcy Camden says now is also a great time for all of us to take advantage of back to school deals, while freshening up our fall and winter wardrobe.

"We all want a new wardrobe for fall, I think it's repressed memories of the back-to-school shopping we did as kid," says Camden. "Retailers know this, and they reward us with lots of great sales this time of year. August is my favorite shopping month. We have all the summer merchandise on sale, along with the new fall stufflots of options!"

It may be hard to think about a fall or winter wardrobe while sweating it out in shorts and tank tops, but Camden says August is also the perfect time to stock up on the latest trends for the winter.
One of this years biggest trends? Leather.

"Everyone can wear it," says Camden. "Some people go for lots of leather while others do a small leather detail, like a leather sleeve or leather jewelry. It's a trend that's easy to customize for any age."

Here's a warning: when shopping this time of year, it's also easy to get distracted. With all of those seasonal options on display, Camden recommends you be strategic by investing in key pieces like a leather jacket or boots. "You'll wear them all the time, so it's worth a reasonable investment to buy ones you really like."

Here's another tip: While searching the racks for deals on pretty blouses and warm sweaters, Camden says don't forget your pants. "Fall is a good time to look at your collection of pants to make sure everything fits well and replace anything that is worn out. Most of the time, when clients come to me feeling frustrated because they can't make outfits, it's because they don't have any pants that they feel good about. Save some money for the staple bottomslike jeans and black pantsthat you'll need to make your wardrobe function."

Happy "back to school" shopping!