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Kelly - $125. Buy at (Image: Nordstrom)

Avocado swimsuits are the tasty treat we deserve this summer

Poor Seattle, we're so predictable. We moan and groan about the cold and the grey, and then the MINUTE it get warm - we moan and groan about how hot it is! But right now, during one of the first nice weeks of 2018, we are concentrating on the good parts of the spring and summer weather. Is anyone else searching for swimsuits online at work today?

No? Just us? Ok good - because we found it. The swimsuit we all should be wearing this summer.

It's a one-piece, it's a turtleneck - and it's COVERED in avocados!

Time to scrape those dollars together (the Mott 50 suit is $125) and prepare to be the envy of all of your friends. And if you have scrumptious little avocado in your life - pick up a suit for them too!

Gosh bless the person who came up with this. Consider this your summer suit PSA. You're welcome!

P.S. - if a two-piece is more your style, don't worry - they have those too. Even Luna and Chrissy Teigen approve!