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(Image: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined)

Are Amazon swimsuits really that great?

Since I started with a question, I’ll follow with a straight-up answer: yes. Yes, Amazon swimsuits really are that great!

Well, at least some of them. Especially one of them. Here’s the whole story.

When it comes to fashion I'm definitely a quality over quantity kind of gal. I can pretty easily walk past the latest trends at Target and although my personal style has evolved over the years, I have quite a few classic pieces that have been part of my closet for the last 5-10 years. I shop around before buying and I’m an avid review reader (so much great insight from fellow shoppers in the reviews!). Oh, and I watch for sales. Because there is nothing better than buying quality at a discount!

Swimsuits though, they aren’t exactly a walk on the beach. I’m usually at a loss when it comes to swimwear. They just aren’t an easy purchase! I tend to feel wary about buying a new one when the need presents itself. So, I don’t. That leaves me defaulting to my simple black one piece. And, as great as it is to have a classic standby, for my most recent trip I was ready for something fresh and fun.

In anticipation of a trip to sunny California I began scouring all my go-to brands. Mostly online, but a few retail stores too. I read the reviews to see what might potentially fit my body shape and I crossed my fingers for a decent sale. Because, since swimsuit season is a short season here in the PNW swimwear isn't something I want to drop $100 on. You with me?

I get that quality suits cost money. That’s always the case with athletic wear. And trust me, I fell in love with quite a few that cost a pretty penny. There are darling, albeit expensive swimsuits out there! But, I just couldn’t justify it. I wanted a fabulous suit at a fabulous price. And I was determined to find it.

Enter Amazon.

Once the algorithm knew I was swimsuit shopping my computer was full of sidebar ads. The internet gods knew swimsuits were on my mind and they were destined to deliver. Frequently, I saw photos of Amazon options, not typically where I would turn for swimwear, but definitely something to consider. Based on the photos I saw, Amazon, it seemed, was brimming with cute suits!

But, do Amazon swimsuits look good on regular folk? Would one, just one, work for me? That, was the question of all my suitcase packing drama.

Thanks to free returns, I ordered eleven different swimsuits from Amazon.

Overkill? Maybe, but I didn’t want to be in a pickle at the last minute! I needed THE suit to be in the mix of my Amazon packages. California was calling! Lucky for me it was. Amazon came through. And for less than $30!

Of the eleven swimsuits I ordered eight were different styles and prints. The extra few were varying sizes because based on the reviews I just couldn’t narrow down which size I might need, so I ordered two.

My suits trickled in, all shipping from different place I presume, and one by one I tried them on. As I did I sent bathroom selfies to my sisters and best friend for their feedback. Some were a clear no. Not due to quality necessarily, more due to fit and proportion.

But one stood out. Maybe because of the bright green leaves, maybe because of the fabulous high-waisted bottoms. Bottom line, Amazon has some really great swimsuits! And, lucky for you, it’s still available on Prime and with free returns! So, if it’s not the suit for you, no loss! This is the suit I kept from all the ones I tried on; in my opinion, it fits true to size, but definitely browse the 200+ reviews to get additional feedback.

If you’re on the hunt for a fun swimsuit this season, give Amazon a whirl! You just might find your new favorite. I did!