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(Image: Kate Neidigh)

Girls Night Out: When you wanna get creative

It’s the perpetual question: “What should we do tonight?!” Sometimes there is so much to do in this city, it can be overwhelming to actually make a decision. Especially when you've set aside time to hang out with your friends, you want it to be good! No offense to just having wine on the couch, of course. This week we're hoping to give you som INSPO for your next Girls Night Out. Each day this week, Kate Neidigh is headed out on a series of explorations to fid the perfect activity for whatever mood you're in. Relax and Chill? Get Classy? Dance All Night? We have options, folks.

You guys, I'm learning how to cook. This is seriously a BIG deal for my household. I've just never been into it, but with the help of Hipcooks in Seattle and of one my besties - I'm on my way to becoming the next Martha Stewart! Okay, maybe not quite Martha.

A girlfriend and I recently took a class at Hipcooks that taught us all about how to host a cocktail party, including how to make a variety of summer cocktails. It was so much fun and the perfect idea for a girls night!

Measuring tools are banned, tasting is encouraged, and your inner chef is invited to play. The best part? Every class ends with a dinner party! There are SO many different courses offered. Some I'm dying to try are "Bollywood Forever," "OMG - Cooking for a Crowd," and "Don't Cry for me, Argentina".

The class I took with my gal pal was super interactive. Instruction takes place around a giant standing table where you become the chef, alongside all your new chef friends. The instructors were darling and very patient. You'll learn how to cook, but also learn why certain ingredients go together, and the science behind the cocktails you're making. Mind Blown. Speaking of, check out these tequila shots with cucumber shot glasses. Doesn't get more creative than this!

Classes have a set price of $70, including fresh, organic (wherever possible) ingredients, tools and supplies and wine tasting (or cocktails) with dinner.

Invite all your girls for the perfect Girls Night Out!