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Girls Night Out: When you wanna get classy

It’s the perpetual question: “What should we do tonight?!” Sometimes there is so much to do in this city, it can be overwhelming to actually make a decision. Especially when you've set aside time to hang out with your friends, you want it to be good! No offense to just having wine on the couch, of course. This week we're hoping to give you som INSPO for your next Girls Night Out. Each day this week, Kate Neidigh is headed out on a series of explorations to fid the perfect activity for whatever mood you're in. Relax and Chill? Get Classy? Dance All Night? We have options, folks.


Time to don your best tea party attire and make Kate Middleton proud. I suggest floral everything, pearls and a head piece. Now that you have your attire on-point, here's a roundup of places perfect for hosting the ultimate tea party for you and your besties! Who says a girls night couldn't be classy?

  • The Queen Mary Tea Room: Located in the Ravenna neighborhood of Northeast Seattle, this tea room is pure elegance. You'll truly feel like you've been transported to an era of gracious dining, a time when excellence was the standard and attention to detail was a pleasure. Fair warning, you NEED to make a reservation.
  • The Georgian: The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is one of the best hotels for Afternoon Tea. Enjoy traditional afternoon tea in elegant surroundings. The Georgian sets the mood with high ceilings, large Palladian windows and spectacular chandeliers. You might die when you walk in - it's that gorgeous.
  • The Secret Garden: The Secret Garden is located in a beautiful Victorian Mansion in Sumner. The charm of the original Queen Anne and Italianate architecture provides an elegant, yet warm ambiance. There's lots of scrumptious snacks to enjoy or a traditional English-style Tea Set.
  • Experience Tea: Located in Issaquah, this tea shop offers a very unique experience. You and your besties can take a tea class. I chatted with the owner Roberta Fuhr who told me Experience Tea is perfect for a girls night. "It's relaxing, yet participative and not the same old thing. There is a genuine growing interest in tea, but not many ways to learn about it and in this class you learn a great deal about the tea plant, tea cultures, and history. The class is a sensory experience of taste, touch and scent, where participants can discover what type of teas work for their personal chemistry, and leave feeling empowered about choosing tea anywhere". Other classes include Tea & Chocolate Pairing; Tea & Food Pairing; Herbal & White Tea Blending Workshop; Chai Blending Workshop; British Tea Traditions & History; as well as many others. Sign me up!

You can always pick a theme and host your own tea party! Personally my favorite theme is Alice in Wonderland. Cheers!