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(Image: Abdirahman O. Mohamed )

Girls Night Out: When you wanna dance all night

It’s the perpetual question: “What should we do tonight?!” Sometimes there is so much to do in this city, it can be overwhelming to actually make a decision. Especially when you've set aside time to hang out with your friends, you want it to be good! No offense to just having wine on the couch, of course. This week we're hoping to give you some INSPO for your next Girls Night Out. Each day this week, Kate Neidigh is headed out on a series of explorations to find the perfect activity for whatever mood you're in. Relax and Chill? Get Classy? Dance All Night? We have options, folks.

There's just something so fun and timeless about getting all dolled up and hitting the dance floor with your besties by your side. Create that dance circle of inclusive girls, because we've rounded up some of the top dance spots around town:

  • Pole Fitness Seattle offers pole dancing, burlesque and twerking parties. An ideal option for a bachelorette party or just a fabulous girls night. If you're new to the game, check out "Booty Dance for Beginners" on Sunday - August 20th, at 11 AM (Knee pads and sneakers highly recommended). And because we're in the know, Seattle Refined readers just need to use the promo code “newstudent” to get $20 off the Intro to Pole Series. You're welcome.
  • You've had a couple drinks and you just want to dance! Q Nightclub in Capitol Hill has some of the best people watching ever - plus they have a variety of DJ's that specialize in dance music/electronica. Prepare to sweat!
  • If you want to feel like your in Vegas on a girls trip, Aston Manor is the club for your girl squad. Ladies, bring out the heels and dress to impress.
  • You know that saying "dance like no ones watching"? At Free Form Dance Dance, that's the entire purpose! Free-form dance is exactly what it sounds like - people dancing with no planned steps or moves, no choreography, no memorization, no goals, no expected form or sequence. Gather your girls and jump around for 75 minutes, be silly and get in a workout at the same time.
  • If country music is your genre of choice, check out Little Red Hen in Seattle. They have live bands, karaoke and dance lessons. The Tractor Tavern also offers square dancing on Mondays.
  • R Place is a fabulous gay bar on Cap Hill where you can totally let loose and dance ALL NIGHT!
  • If you prefer to sit back and watch other people dance, head to Julia's on Broadway to partake in a dinner and a show. I dare you to stay seated! Le Faux Productions offers shows that are part burlesque, part celebrity impersonation, part disco-drag and dinner theater. I thought the Cher performer, was the REAL CHER and I almost fell out of my seat - can you blame me?

See you on the dance floor!