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A Guide to Choosing the Best Glasses for your Face (and Personality)

I was told more than three years ago by an optometrist that I needed glasses. Did I listen? Nope. I was so overwhelmed by all the eyeglass choices that I bailed and never went back. Choosing the perfect pair of glasses is hard. I mean, you wear those bad boys on your face for multiple days, maybe YEARS, on end! Plus I was flying solo and had no one to tell me what looked good or more importantly what looked bad (really, really bad.)

Trends come and go - so we went to the experts to get the down-low on what's in, not just today - but for a tomorrow, and the day after. Enter EYE-EYE on Cap Hill. I met with Dr. Will Pentecost to get my eyes re-checked, who says you should get your eyes checked every three years (unless you have other issues then go more often!) It was quick and painless, in and out in a snap.

That was the easy part - the prescription. Now I had to pick the frames. There was no one I could trust with this decision except The Fairy Godmother of Eyeglasses.

She's also known as Milli Militi Jigamian, a stylist and licensed optician who really truly is referred to as Fairy Godmother by local beauty bloggers.

Jigamian laid out the current trends: minimalist, unique/aviator, vintage cat-eye, round, thin/lightweight metal, big/bod and clear/tinted.

So we started the process! I tried on options from every trend, and Jigamian gently guided me towards more flattering options and away from things I would surely regret. In the end, I ended up picking clear frames - something I totally wasn't expecting, but I love them!

EYE EYE Care is located at 1317 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122.