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6 Things You Never Knew About Filson, One of Washington’s Oldest Brands

You’ve probably heard of Filson, but you probably don’t know all of the cool facts behind this classic brand. Here are six highlights in honor Filson’s 120th birthday.

1.Filson is only eight years younger than Washington State

Washington became a state on November 11, 1889 and Filson was founded in 1897. For those of you who aren’t so great at math, that means that Filson is only eight years younger than Washington itself!

2.Their goods are guaranteed for life

They don’t make ‘em like they used to, do they?

The old adage is true of many brands, but not Filson. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its products and will repair or replace anything that’s failed in the course of normal use. That means your 30-year-old briefcase covered, a 60-year old vest is covered and an 80-year old jacket is – you guessed it – completely covered.

3.Filson originally outfitted prospectors during the Great Klondike Gold Rush

C.C. Filson started out by offering the finest gear to prospectors on their way north. He kept in touch with his customers when they came back through Seattle, refining his designs to meet the needs of men camped out in the frigid Yukon territory. After all, the rugged clothing he made and sold wasn’t a matter of convenience – it was a matter of survival.

4.They’re one of three gold-rush era companies still around

There are only three Seattle companies that started during the goldrush that are still around today. One is Filson, the other is Bartell Drugs and the third is Nordstrom. The glory that is Nordstrom Rack, of course, didn’t come around until later.

5.They don’t throw away the bags they can’t repair

Filson’s policy is like an eco-conscious dude’s wildest dream: the company takes bags that are beyond the point of normal repair to its restoration department for a makeover. Experts patch and stich and repair the piece, adding unique elements to help it regain functionality. When they’re done, the one-of-a-kind masterpiece is sold exclusively in the flagship store and accompanied by another lifetime guarantee.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the protocol makes sense because Filson uses such high-quality materials. Bridle-quality leather, rugged waxed cotton and merino wool are extremely durable, and there’s no reason to get rid of something that still has years of usefulness left in it.

6.Their Seattle store is way more than a store

If you visit Filson’s Seattle location, you’re in for a treat: you’ll get to see the products actually being made. By hand. You’ll see people stitching fabric, tooling leather and sewing pockets onto bags. For those who think of manufacturing as something that only happens overseas, a visit to Filson gives “locally produced” a whole new meaning.

Come see this historic company in action! Visit the Filson flagship store at 1741 1st Avenue South or learn more at