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6 key pieces for fall fashion on a budget

Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe - but you don't have to spend a bundle to look like a million bucks.

We caught up with Nordstrom Senior Fashion Director Shannon Schafer at the new Nordstrom Rack location at Lincoln Square in Bellevue. She gave us the scoop on how to find the freshest looks for less at The Rack.

According to Schafer, there are some cool new trends to try. Here are six key pieces.

  1. Clean Denim: While the distressed look is still hot, there's also a more refined (!) option. "This season I recommend getting a pair of clean denim, so what that means is a little less rip and repair that season past, but a good clean foundation for all the statement tops that are out there right now, " says Schafer.
  2. Fun Sleeves: When it comes to sleeves, bigger is better. "Gathering or extra volume amps up the romance."
  3. Mono Shoulder Dress: There's an twist on the cold shoulder trend from the spring. "The update would be the mono shoulder, so it creates this asymmetric look."
  4. Blazer: Blazers aren't just for guys. "With menswear being such a hot trend right now, throwing it over a dress really feminizes it and makes it your own."
  5. Statement Sweater: Bye Bye boring sweaters! "It's really exciting this season, because sweaters are getting a face lift, it's really all about the statement sweater." Examples would be different knit patterns, fringe, or an over sized neckline.
  6. Puffer Coat: Remember the "active puffer" coats from a few years ago? "Puffers are back and its not just the active puffers you would normally think about, it's all about these statement puffers that really are a fashion piece." Updates include an elongated silhouette and bright colors like pink and red.

Whatever pieces you want to try, you can dress on point without the hefty price tag when you shop at The Rack. "Well we have all the trends at great price points everything from thirty to seventy percent off so you can find some real surprise and delights," explains Schafer.