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I wanted to find a non-invasive, quick cellulite and fat treatment in Seattle to create a smoother backside. (Image: Thinkstock/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

5 noninvasive ways to kick cellulite by summer

Walking into the mall this weekend I saw something I've been trying not to think about for months now - a bathing suit.

Gasp! Why isn't there more leeway between eggnog and holiday season and bikini season?!

Regardless, swimsuit season is definitely around the corner and, like most women, cellulite is an annoying issue I deal with.

Since we still have a couple months, I wanted to find a noninvasive, quick cellulite and fat treatment in Seattle to create a smoother backside. Here are the five I found most useful:
EPAT Treatment
Dr. Michael Lau is not only a cosmetic surgeon, but a physicist and medical device scientist. At Radiant Rejuvenation he combines his passion for beauty with science by treating cellulite with the EPAT Treatment.
"EPAT stands for Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment. It uses sound pressure/shock waves generated by a hand-held probe to treat cellulite through the skin," said Dr. Lau. "It's noninvasive."
Lau explained that the pressure waves loosen up cellulite dimples to increase tissue regeneration and collagen production. Depending on the severity of your cellulite, some see improvement after a week! But the full effect is most obvious in a couple months. At $150 a session, the EPAT treatment is a non-invasive service that, while slightly pricey, is much cheaper than surgery.
Laser Lipo
The Slim Co. of Seattle focuses only on fast, topical fat blasting services. Laser Lipo is a painless procedure, and 80 percent of their patients see results after an only 15-minute procedure.
"[Laser Lipo] consists of pads placed directly on the skin for 15 minutes that emit a specific wavelength of light that causes fat cells to essentially 'collapse' and shrink," said Dr. Aaron. And no weird side effects!
At $59 per session Laser Lipo is a quick and inexpensive way to reduce the appearance of cellulite for a special event or weekend getaway.
Red Light Therapy
We have all been told over and over again to avoid tanning salons, but places like Tropical Tan in Seattle are expanding their services to incorporate beds sans harmful UV lights.
NASA discovered Red Light Therapy and while the beds look exactly like tanning ones, these use only infrared lights to increase blood circulation, skin tightening and minimizing pores.
Results typically show within two sessions, and cost around $20 each.
Contouring Body Wrap
If you follow all the instructions correctly, you can see instant results - even up to half a dress size - with this treatment.
Metamorphosis Holistic Spa in Seattle focuses on natural procedures and products, hoping to educate their clientele about how a healthy lifestyle will change their bodies and cellulite.
"This wrap it is all about lifestyle change," said owner Aubra Alexander. "It's a toxin removal process."
Clients are instructed to start a herbal detoxifying formula at home prior to the service, and then at the spa are covered in contouring cream and wrapped in plastic.
While the $120 session is incredibly successful for the most part, Alexander is sure to point out it won't be effective unless clients change their diet in the longterm.
Lady12s Intentional Grounding Scrub
If you don't have time to book an appointment and want a quick, at home cellulite fix, Lady12 Intentional Grounding Scrub does the trick.
Tiffany Brown decided to incorporate the Lady12s brand into her scrub because she's a huge Seahawks fan. Could the scrub get any more Seattle-centered? Yes - because its main ingredient is coffee.
"People will see results right after using, usually lasting for about 12 hours," Brown said. A small scoop of the all-natural ingredients will reduce the appearance of dimples for $14 a jar.