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Tried and true, we're obsessed with Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel. (Image: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)

5 Bottles of Nail Polish To Kick Your Parlor Habit

Tis the season for bright, poppy nails... but why take the time out to hit the parlor when you can flip on some vapid reality tv, grab a pint of rocky road from the freezer and do it yourself at home? From high end luxury brands to department store gems, here are five polishes that are every bit as good as getting them done out... after all-- a good bottle of nail polish is a gift that keeps on giving.

Dior's line is a little spendy at $27 a bottle, but trust us-- it's worth every penny. The brush on Dior's line is nice and big, which is perfect for covering each nail in one fell swoop. Even if you're a total noob, this brand makes it easy to paint a flawless nail yourself. You can pick up bottles of this stuff at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Dior's website.

Sally Hansen
Tried and true, we're obsessed with Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel. This gel polish promises up to two weeks of color and shine. The two step process (you don't want to forget the top coat!) is easy and what's better than not having to worry about redoing chipped nails after a couple days? Pretty much nothing. We especially love the LovePink collection, which features seven different shades of pink.

Marc Jacobs
Pick a signature color or go all out and pick up a couple bottles -- Marc Jacob's line comes in and will set you back $18 a pop. Sephora carries over 40 different colors of this collection. For that wet, glossy look, look no further than this brand. The shades in this collection were inspired by Jacobs favorite movies, so you're in for a bit of dramatic flair.

This British brand makes a solid polish that refuses to budge. You'll definitely want to stick those pinkies out with this fancy polish that will leave you feeling like royalty. We are obsessed with Butter's glittery Lovely Jubbly, which features vibrant magenta with red blue and gold glitter. Put on a coat of this stuff and you are ready to party.

Locally based Julep has nailed down their infallible formula. Fast drying is always a plus in our book (we've got things to do!) and Julep's line comes in a myriad of splashy colors like Alicia (this gorgeous peach-y coral) and Andrea, a glittery gold polish that is perfect for the summer. Julep can be purchased at Ulta, Nordstrom and more.