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With this effortlessly tousled look, balance is key. We know of no one who better does the beach wave than Blake Lively. (Image:

4 quick & cute hairstyles for summer in Seattle

Tired of that same old messy bun? Looking for a new look to sport on the boat or beach? Short on time in the mornings? Try these quick and simple hair do's to brighten up your sunny (or cloudy) Seattle summer days!

The Sexy Beach Wave:
With this effortlessly tousled look, balance is key. You don't want to overdo it on the curls but need enough body to have a natural looking wave. If your hair is anything like mine (straight and flat) product is a necessity!! Using a sea salt spray with wet or damp hair and blow-drying until it's mostly dry will give you that beachy texture you're looking for. Try my fav product, Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for this look - it works great and won't break the bank!

The Ever-So-Popular Half-Bun:
Curly or straight, long or short, the half-bun is all the rage right now and will add a hipster vibe to any outfit. The key is to use two small and clear rubber bands for this look. Pull back the front section of your hair (at least an inch or two about your ears) and secure a pony-tail. Lightly tug on top to create volume, then wrap hair around the base and secure with another rubber band or bobby pins. For shorter hair, bobby pins are your friend! Adjust to create the exact look you want and go!

French Braids
While this look may not be as big of a time-saver, it seems like every celeb is rocking the double braids at the moment. The most popular being the middle part, pigtail french braids which can be perfect if you need your hair out of your face for volleyball at Golden Gardens but still want to look polished. Or try a side fishtail braid for a more casual look. Keep some messy pieces out around your face for a messier version.

Classic High Pony
Short on time and want to squeeze in a workout before an event? A good ponytail can serve as an instant facelift and takes no time at all to master. Embrace your inner Arianna Grande and grab some dry shampoo, then comb straight back into a high ponytail. For some extra spunk, wrap a strand of hair around the base or tease hair first to build volume, then secure by pulling a rubber band tight right underneath the teased portion.