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Grab a denim jacket, shirt or jeans at Seattle Goodwill and do some DIY distressing for a fresh look for spring! (Joshua Lewis, Seattle Goodwill)<p></p>

3 Ways to DIY Your Denim with Goodwill

Spring is in the air and that means it's the perfect time to swing by Seattle Goodwill and get everything you need for outdoor entertaining-- including what to wear!

Goodwill's DIY Guy, Gary Foy was our guide to fun in the sun. He showed us some of the fun stuff you can score there including a bamboo bar, new and vintage party supplies, and the makings for a DIY hibachi.

They even have an array of colorful Hawaiian shirts available-- and they won't break the bank! Since spring weather can be a bit unpredictable, we asked Foy what to pair this those Hawaiian shirts. His answer-- distressed denim!

Goodwill has tons of denim jackets, shirts and jeans at great prices. Foy demonstrated three great ways to give denim a fashion forward flair.

Supplies for Distressing Denim (you can find most at Goodwill)

  • chalk
  • razor blade
  • tweezers
  • sandpaper
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • ruler

Classic Distressed Denim

  • Find a spot on your garment you'd like to distress.
  • Make a line with chalk (no more than an inch) and then a few smaller parallel lines underneath
  • Slip a piece of cardboard under the denim.
  • Trace the lines with a razor blade.
  • With your fingers, "rough up" the area where you cut the denim
  • You'll see some white threads, grab them with tweezers and pull. Keep pulling threads until you get the desired look.
  • Give the area a once over with sandpaper.
  • Wash and dry the garment.
  • The end result is classically distressed denim!

Stair-Step Jean Bottom

  • Cut off the hem on both legs of the jeans.
  • Use a ruler to cut 2 inches into the front of the jeans (be sure to stay inside the seam). Remove the excess denim.
  • Do the same on the other leg.
  • Give the area a once over with sandpaper.
  • Enjoy your fashion-forward jeans.

DIY Fringe Denim

  • Cut off the hem off the jeans.
  • Use a ruler to measure three inches in. Use the chalk to make a line across and place masking tape on top. This will be the line you'll be cutting your fringe to. Note: You'll be cutting the back and front of the jeans at the same time.
  • Grab the scissors and cut tiny strips (this will be your fringe).
  • Remove the tape-- and voila... you have fringe!
  • Throw the jeans in the washer and drier to make the fringe look distressed.
  • Have fun living life "on the fringe."