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No need to lug around all that extra stuff. Just pack these 12 must-haves! (Image: Thinkstock)

12 things that need to be in your purse for a Seattle summer

"Summa, summa, summertime! Time to sit back and unwind!" Thanks for the intro Will [Smith].

Summer is here (basically) and has been really flexing in Seattle. Although most of us enjoy the sun-shining days, the heat can be draining. So to make your life easier we've rounded up the top handbag essentials for your purse this summer. No need to lug around all that extra stuff. Just pack these 12 must-haves!

  1. Sunscreen. This is absolutely the most important item in your bag! The Seattle sun can creep up on you, I know this first hand (Ouch). Make sure to apply that sunscreen in the AM before you head out. Reapply through the day to avoid a painful sunburn and awkward tan lines.
  2. Lip Gloss. Keep your lips motorized and flawless with a gloss that has an SPF. This "Trish McEvoy Lip Gloss" has an SPF of 15, plus its super cute. ($26 at Nordstrom)
  3. Sunglasses. What's summer without a pair of sunnies!
  4. Blush and Bronzer Duo. I love this Charlotte Tilbury "Filmstar Bronze and Glow" combo set, this is a super easy way to freshen up your look after being out in the sun all day. ($68 at Nordstrom)
  5. Travel-Size Dry Shampoo. Summer weather can do some serious damage to your hairdo. Fight that humidity with a scented dry shampoo. It gives your hair new life and the fresh scent can help with other issues the heat may cause (pew, yep I went there). Check out this article, "Top 5 Dry Shampoos Under $10" to help pick the best one for your hair.
  6. Deodorant. Hey while we're on the topic of smelling nice, go ahead and grab a travel size deodorant while you're in the isle anyway. It's a great item to have after a summer hike or beach day.
  7. Nail Polish. Chipped nails can ruin your entire ensemble. Keep a sparkle polish in your bag to use when you get chips. Use sparkle because it will cover up the flaws and it's a quick and easy fix.
  8. A Lightweight Scarf. It doesn't need to be winter for you to pull this staple out of your closet. A lightweight scarf has so many uses! Wrap that bad boy around yourself and keep warm if its gets chilly (this is Seattle after all) it also can be used as a make shift blanket for a picnic, a towel to lay on at the beach or even a swimsuit cover-up. (Try this "Taisie Infinity Scarf" from Anthropology, $58).
  9. Bendable Hat. Protect your skin and look darling at the same time. The bigger the hat, the better.
  10. Hair Ties. Because can you ever have enough of these? No matter how many I throw in my purse I can only find one.
  11. Snacks. I don't know about you, but I get hungie on the go! Pack a healthy snack to avoid making regretful food choices.
  12. Cell Phone and Charger. How may time have you planned to be gone for just an hour or so and you end up staying out all day? Get an iced coffee and power up at the same time. And by iced coffee I mean a glass of crisp white wine (yum).

Now get packing and soak up this Seattle sunshine! Or just complain about the heat until the rain is back to complain about. Oh Seattle, its tough on the streets ain't it.