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(Image: Seattle Refined)

You're gonna LOVE this salsa! And the man who makes it

Reporters are always working, because the best stories often present themselves in the most unlikely places. Like the grocery store...

"Would you like to try my jalapeno coconut salsa?" A man wearing a white chefs' coat said as my wife and I pushed our cart past some canned chili.

Coconuts and jalapeno salsa? I don't know about wife and I looked at each other sideways.

But then we decided to give it a shot. If you watch the show, you'll know I eat just about...anything.

And I'm SO glad I did! Abdul Mohamad, the man in siad white chef's coat - handed me a chip with a generous scoop of his prized salsa.

It was unlike anything I've ever tasted and DELICIOUS.

And when Abdul told me it was his grandmother's recipe, I switched to reporter mode, and I'm glad I did.

Abdul Mohamad is proof that the American Dream is NOT dead.

Watch this story. You won't regret it (and look for Doolie's Salsa at West Seattle Thriftway, Haggen in Woodinville, Lake Tapps and Olympia, and coming soon to all Met Markets!)