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With waffles in your businesses name, you BETTER be great at them! Thank goodness, Sweet Iron Waffles is indeed. (Image: Seattle Refined)

Here are the best places to Waffle in Seattle

In the world of breakfast vehicles for syrup and butter, there are pancakes and there are waffles. While pancakes do have their place, I’m with Leslie Knope on this subject and put me firmly on Team Waffles. If you’re like me and can always throw down with some waffles (heck, it doesn’t even have to be for breakfast), here are a handful of places around Seattle that I hit up for my waffle cravings.

Anchorhead Coffee. If you haven’t been to this coffeeshop on the corner of 7th Ave and Stewart, you must. Anchorhead's coffee game here is strong (their espresso machine is stunning and the crew slings tasty cortados), the space is full of verve, and the waffle they serve is delightful. They call it the ‘Quaffle’ (alas, games of Quidditch are not on offer) and it is made from cinnamon roll dough, so it’s loaded with flavor and the familiar chew of cinnamon buns. I can’t wait to return for another one.

Bite Box. The breakfast and lunch spot at Queen Anne’s Five Corners is already a neighborhood favorite and their waffles are one of the reasons why. I’m particularly taken with Bite Box's pecan waffle; studded with pecans in the waffle, hit off with some pecan maple syrup and butter, each little square of the waffles is ready for your gustatory ambush.

Fat’s Chicken and Waffles. Fat's has been doing their thing at th corner of the Central District for a while now, and their legacy is with good reason. Southern fried chicken is always a crowd-pleaser, and the combo of fried chicken and waffles is straight up delicious. Recently, Fat’s added a few more menu items to reflect their Southern routes and enrich their food story.

Navy Strength. While a tiki bar isn’t the first place you’d think of heading to for breakfast, by day Belltown’s Navy Strength opens up at 7 a.m. for coffee and juice and then at 9 a.m. for breakfast. And you should definitely go for their breakfast and order their waffles. Get it with their crispy pork belly and do not look back. Loaded with slabs of crispy, fatty, and savory pork belly, it’s such a substantial and enjoyable serving you can split with a friend or not have to worry about eating the rest of the day. And they also have waffle sandwiches in the form of waffle Cubanos.

Sweet Iron Waffles. With a couple of locations around Seattle in downtown and on Capitol Hill, Sweet Iron Waffles specializes in Liege-style waffles. These Belgian waffles are notable for the bits of pearl sugar throughout the waffles that adds a fun textural crunch to each bite. Their menu is broken down by sweet or savory and I gravitated towards the turkey and Havarti as this hit my nostalgia notes as U-Dub’s The Hub served a grilled cheese sandwich with these two ingredients. But I digress, be sure to hit up Sweet Iron for any of your waffles cravings.

If you want to do the waffles at home thing, check out Nordstrom at either their flagship store in Downtown Seattle or Bellevue Square for their recently launched Pop-In@Nordstrom Eats More installation. Amongst all the other food and culinary related goodies on offer, Nordstrom also has Belgian Boys Waffle Chips for snacking or eating al desko to keep the waffle good times rolling.