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Get in the dumpling zone here. The key is to load up on small plates and try a bit of everything. (Photo: Dough Zone)

Where to Get the Steamiest Dumplings in Seattle

The Lunar New Year is finally upon us! 2018 marks the year of the dog and while traditions vary throughout the myriad countries that observe the holiday, one theme is predominant-- togetherness and the honoring of deities and ancestors. If you 're making a plan to spend time in the ID for the Lunar New Year celebrations this year, might we suggest warming up with a steamy plate of dumplings at one of the following five spots? According to Ping's Dumpling House, dumplings symbolize "family togetherness, fortune and prosperity", so bring your loved ones!

Ping's Dumpling House

This hole in the wall off King Street is famous for its super cheap and scrumptious soup dumplings and pot stickers. Wait for a rainy day (it shouldn't take you long) and load up on green onion pancakes while you're at it. For good old fashioned grab and go street food made with love (every dumpling here is handmade), Ping's is just the ticket.

Duk Li Dim Sum

Duk Li Dim Sum opens early, so if you're looking for something to stash away for lunch or want to cop some great Dim Sum for brunch, this is the perfect spot to exercise the old adage the early bird gets the worm. Like Ping's this is another excellent and speedy quick grab and go spot if you're just looking to be lickety-split with your comfort food.

Dough Zone

Get in the dumpling zone here. The key is to load up on small plates and try a bit of everything. The east side dumpling chain opened in the International District last last year, making it their fifth outpost. You can pick from your choice of steamed veggie, chicken or beef dumplings or spring for the high addicting pan fried pork and shrimp pot stickers and more.

Harbour City Restaurant

The cool old school neon laden facade gives way to some of the best dumplings around. The steamed shrimp and cilantro dumplings are a can't miss. Dim sum is served here all day, but we recommend coming earlier in the day for the best selection.

A+ Hong King Kitchen

The portions here are generous and the prices are definitely right. There's nothing quite as restorative as a hot bowl of wonton noodle soup on a rainy day. The spot is typically packed, so allow extra time for ordering.