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Grab your bobas (which means tapioca pearls in Mandarin), don’t forget your massive colorful straw and enjoy! (Image: forrest9 / Getty Images)

Where to get the best boba tea in Seattle

Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea is without a doubt a trendy drink that has taken Seattle by storm during the last few years. The combination of chewy tapioca pearls, flavorful tea and milk tastes like heaven. You can even customize it by adjusting the sugar levels, adding toppings or selecting your milk of choice. I can guarantee you that you will be very soon addicted.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by the huge array of stores and franchises in Seattle, but the following six are our favorites. So grab your bobas (which means tapioca pearls in Mandarin), don’t forget your massive colorful straw and enjoy!

Young Tea
The well-known tea establishment in the International District is one of the best boba teahouses in town. Their selection is expansive, with 19 teas - including popular flavors like Iron Buddha, Rose Green and Roasted Oolong. The syrups used are made in-house and you can’t go wrong with any choice of sweetness level. Lines can be long during peak hours and holiday weekends, so a weekday after shopping in the nearby Uwajimaya is a breeze.

609 S Weller St, Seattle, WA 98104

The Taiwanese franchise is located in Seattle and surrounding areas. Sharetea's Classic Pearl Milk Tea is the best - and you can get it with black, green or oolong tea. You can also choose fresh milk teas and ice-blended delicacies like the Oreo iced blended with pearl, inspired by the famous American cookie.

University District: 1100 NE 45th St #100, Seattle, WA 98105
Also, in Redmond, Renton, Bellevue and Lynnwood

The Moo Bar
This relatively new tiny boba place is increasingly popular as it is conveniently located next to the Amazon Spheres and Whole Foods. In addition to their great selection of boba teas (favs are the Thaiphoon and the Moo Bar Special), you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with their one-of-a kind desserts. Go for the charcoal egg waffle or the ube ice cream to make everyone envious.

2124 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

BlackBall tea
The Taiwanese BlackBall opened just a few weeks ago in the International District and the lines are already long. They're known for their winter melon teas, fresh milk drinks and Asian desserts. If you want your pearl tea, go for the signature Shaken Black Iced Tea (which you can choose to have with 30 percent sugar). Don’t leave without trying their grass jelly, matcha pudding or warm purple stick rice soup.

651 S King St. Seattle, WA 98104

Moondrop Coffee and Tea
This hidden café on Alki has a decent selection of boba teas alongside with coffees, snacks and sandwiches. Try the brilliantly orange Thai Milk Tea, then walk across the Alki to enjoy it or get the water taxi and relax next to the Puget Sound’s waves.

1619 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

Drive Thru Boba
The popular spot in Bellevue is known for its quality boba teas and its long lines. It only opens a few days a week from noon to six but - sells out fast. We like the Black Sugar Milk Tea with boba or grass jelly which is a best seller. Check their Facebook page for weekly openings and the new daily Instagrammable menu like the Papaya Milk Tea.

Downtown Bellevue: 10435 Northeast 4th Street Bellevue, WA 98004