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Carlile Hamilton Menus no pricing.jpeg
The Carlile Room's special Hamilton Menu. (Image: The Carlile Room)

Headed to 'Hamilton'? Here's where to eat before the show

What time is it? Showtime! After what feels like an eternity, Hamilton finally arrives in Seattle. No need to have to wait for it, for it is here. While you may or may not have tickets by this point, here's a few spots for a pre-show bite or a post-show drink. And if you don't have tickets but want to try your luck at the #Ham4Ham lottery, check this out. But first, let's see where we can raise our glass to freedom.

Here are some considerations with figuring out where to have dinner before a show and what to do once you're there. One, make reservations! This should go without saying, but have a plan as to where to go beforehand to account for traffic and parking as you don't want to be rushed before the show. Two, be upfront with your server that you're seeing a show (even if you're not seeing Hamilton and catching Mamma Mia at the 5th Avenue Theater) and what your hard stop is. This helps the restaurant with their timing to get you in and out. Three, smile more. Talk less.

The Carlile Room
You cannot get any closer to the Paramount Theatre than The Carlile Room. The Carlile Room often tweaks their menu and offers specials reflecting the shows playing at The Paramount. And the Hamilton run is no different; during the stretch of performances, The Carlile Room is upping the ante with drinks and food specials that are inspired by Hamilton like The Battle of Porktown (Immigrants, we get the job done!), Buns and Nips (Lafayette!), and Rise Up: A Farmer Beetrooted.

Loulay Kitchen & Bar
At this bustling restaurant roughly equa-distant to the Paramount and the 5th Avenue, Loulay's food is French in spirit, but with hits of style and whimsy that Chef Thierry Rautureau is known for. Coupled with the wine and bar program, it should be on your shortlist for where to have dinner before a show. In fact, Loulay has a three-course menu for $50 for Hamilton and Mamma Mia theatre-goers to prime you before your show.

If you're looking for something a bit more casual as you already spent so many Hamiltons to see Hamilton, hit up Qin a couple of blocks east on Pine on Capitol Hill. This new-ish restaurant serves up their take on the food of northwestern China. Think salty and sour flavors with heat and spice at the ready. Definitely try the hot oil seared biang biang noodles. Also, be sure to try some other noodle dishes as many are hand pulled and hand shaven.

If you're looking for a post-show bar to unwind with a cocktail, Rumba up the hill on Pike and off Boren should be on your short list. Rum is featured heavily (hey, Alexander Hamilton is from the Caribbean!) and the bartenders at Rumba are some of the finest in Seattle. Added bonus; Rumba takes reservations for parties of five or more (contact them for more details).

Tavolàta Capitol Hill
A bit further up Pike on Capitol Hill is Ethan Stowell Restaurant's Tavolàta. Much like its Belltown sibling, this Tavolàta serves up pasta (and other provisions) in a communal and sleek space. Also, for the Hamilton run, the crew at Tavolàta is offering a special three-course tasting menu (starter, entrée or pasta, and dessert) for $35. If it were me, I'd get the Brussels Sprouts, Rigatoni, and Lemon Zeppole. Make your reservations now.

There you have it; a handful of places near the Paramount to nosh and imbibe amidst all the Hamilton frivolity. Enjoy the show and bask in the glow of one of Broadway's biggest smashes. You'll likely be a Hamil-fan afterwards and will remember all the lines and quote them for the next month or so. May you always be satisfied.