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Our top recommendations to try at Husky Deli, a West Seattle institution

Founded in the early 1930’s and located in the same building since 1969, Husky Deli is one of Seattle’s landmarks. The old-fashioned deli counter and store is popular with young and old Seattleites, who travel from all over the city to get a taste of Husky’s signature ice cream cone or their favorite grilled sandwich.

It started in 1932, when Herman Miller bought a small grocery store in the Junction and turned it into a full-service soda fountain that also sold homemade ice cream and sandwiches. At that time, West Seattle’s Junction was booming. California Avenue was said to be one of the longest and most important streets in Seattle, with streetcars and two major retail chains department stores, S. H. Kress and the Bon Marché.

While the area stagnated a little in the 40’s through the 90’s, today’s West Seattle is again growing rapidly with major building developments, new stores, restaurants, and bars. Seemingly impervious to age and changes, the Husky Deli is still there and thriving.

Here are our favorite food items from the Deli:

The Reuben Grilled Sandwich on Rye
Made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, thousand island sauce, mayo, mustard, and sauerkraut is the perfect lunch. Or the 12th Man sandwich that includes pastrami, Swiss cheese, thousand islands sauce, homemade coleslaw and red pepper flakes. The Southwest chicken and Jack’s special are also great choices.

The Husky Cone Ice Cream
This is a large ice cream cone that was first rolled in chocolate and nuts created by Herman Miller, the Deli’s founder. It is the signature product that gave its name to the store. At the Husky, all the ice cream is homemade, with nearly 40 flavors like licorice, Nutella, Oreo, maple walnut, Kona Koka rum and the best-selling Husky Flake - which features vanilla ice cream and chocolate flakes.

Licorice and Chocolates (in bulk!)
Fill a bag with licorice and chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth! The child inside you won’t be disappointed.

Local Washington State Delicacies
Like Puget Sound Jams, Vashon Island Coffee, Fisher’s scone mix, and local wines. The deli likes to feature and support local producers.

Imported One-of-a-Kind Products
If you are looking for Vegemite, Australian Tim Tam cookies, McVitie’s biscuits from the UK, English teas, German wafers, or hard to find authentic Italian pasta, they are all on sale at Husky.

There is also coffee and sodas, and of course ice cream floats that will cool you down on a hot summer day! Best of all, and rare for Seattle, are the sidewalk chairs and counter-style tables where you can eat your “Husky delights” while watching and enjoying California Avenue’s promenade.

Husky Deli

4721 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116