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Delivery data show us what Seattle eats in its underwear

If it's Friday night at 6:30 and you feel a little peckish: you - like the rest of the city - might just want to order delivery. According to the data collected by food delivery app Caviar, that's the most common time for people in Seattle to order delivery. The top three searches are pretty predictable for anyone who knows this city:

Thai food, pizza, and sushi.

But what Seattle searches for when they order delivery changes based on the season, holidays, and trends - and it's not the same as in other cities around the country. Weirdly, Seattle's delivery habits fall in line with those of Los Angeles. Combing through Caviar's search data, looking at what types of food Seattleites are looking for when they can't be bothered to put pants on and leave the house, we turned up some obvious patterns (Seattle loves pho) and a few strange quirks (apparently Valentine's Day requires coffee). Here are some fun facts on what Seattle wants to eat when they don't want to leave the house.

Seattle likes pho and vegan food more than most places
Looking at the top 20 most-searched terms in cities across the country, Seattle's love for pho stands out. While it doesn't crack the list in New York or most East Coast markets, it's number four in Seattle (it does, however, show up in the top 10 for both Los Angeles and San Francisco as well). A bigger surprise is the city's passion for vegan food - something that shows up on Seattle's top 20, but not in that of San Francisco (so much for that hippie reputation) nor New York. It does show up in Los Angeles's top 20, as does another of Seattle's unique quirks: people here like to to get breakfast delivered, a search term that shows up in only these two cities' top terms.

The biggest trend is ramen
For those who follow food trends, ramen might seem like old news, but as a delivery food, it comes as a fairly recent trend: last year, there were almost no searches for it, but it's taken off in the last three months. This year, Seattleites search for ramen twenty times more than they did last year - even adjusted for the annual growth of searches.

What we want in winter
Remember that vegan eating we mentioned? Apparently, that's seasonal: it falls off the list in winter, along with barbecue, fried chicken and tacos - all foods that Seattle seems to associate with summer. Unsurprisingly, the foods that top the searches in winter are soup, pho, and ramen. (Don't worry, committed pho-o-philes, its still in the top 20 in summer, just not quite top five, as it is in winter).

Need ideas for Superbowl Sunday?
The glumness of Seattle over the beloved Seahawks being booted from the playoffs is palpable, but that doesn't mean we're going to miss out on a chance to park ourselves in front of the television for a few hours of football on February 5. And we will, of course, need snacks. So we looked at what people ordered for the Superbowl more than other days and the answer is Mexican food. Tacos, chips, Mexican food in general, and specific Mexican restaurants all got overwhelming numbers of searches on Superbowl Sunday. Also: wings (duh.). A small surprise on this one was that not only did sandwiches spike, banh mi specifically climbed the search rankings. Seattle loves its Vietnamese food!

Up all night...for love?
Two of the biggest search spikes on Valentine's Day last year in Seattle were "cafe" and "coffee." Perhaps gearing up for a long and romantic night? The other top searches seem like much better choices for those choosing to stay in rather than brave one of the busiest restaurant evenings of the year: pasta, dessert, bakery, and cheesecake.

But Ultimately, Seattle Just Loves Pizza
Pizza, long the delivery king, holds onto its place at the top: two of the three most searched for restaurants on Caviar in Seattle serve pizza: Windy City Pie and Dino's Tomato Pie. But, in the last two weeks, an interloper has arrived: Mean Sandwich, Ballard's hottest new shop, has found its way to the peak of Seattle's delivery cravings.

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