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What's your favorite dish? You'll find it at Lincoln South Food Hall

What's your favorite food? The thing you crave...that one dish that makes your mouth water?

Whatever it is, it's a good bet you'll find it at Lincoln South Food Hall. Seven casual spots in one location right in the heart of downtown Bellevue.

"It's more than any other food hall. We're making everything from scratch," said Daniel Laferriere, Executive Chef at Lincoln South Food Hall.

Daniel has a fine dining pedigree, having spent the past eight years in Las Vegas working for celebrity chefs like Daniel Boulud and Wolfgang Puck. But now he's turning his focus to fast casual.

"Nowadays everybody is on the go. So your ability to get a pizza in six minutes or a sandwich on the fly is better than going to your quicky burger stop," said Laferriere.

Choices abound at Lincoln South Food Hall. One of their most popular spots is Barrio Luchador, where the team is turning out as many as 700 tacos a day.

If coffee and chocolate is more your speed, check out Dote Coffee Bar. It's a separate operation, the brainchild of owner Sarah Doud.

"We're going to do the really good stuff, all natural, all fresh, use the best ingredients we can get our hands on and mix it on the bar in a way that really makes people curious and want to sit down and enjoy," said Doud.

At Dote, Sara partners with world renowned chocolatier and pastry chef Ewald Notter. Working solo, out of a small kitchen in the back, Ewald is turning out luxurious truffles, confections and his signature ganache. You can buy a jar to take home, or better yet try it in a cookie or pastry.

"It's exciting. I like to do different things, and sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's not easy. But you have to be open-minded. Yeah, it's great," said Notter.

Another favorite at Lincoln South is Crosta E Vino, where they're whipping up some top-notch pizza, using Laferriere's own pizza dough recipe.

"My pizza dough I started back in December and we recycle the dough in the sense of a sourdough-style. So, my pizza dough has got a little bit of bite to it, which I thoroughly enjoy. It gives it it's own signature flavor," said Laferriere.

That dough is put to good use on the Swine, Vine and Bovine pie. It's like a meat lover's pizza on steroids, topped with prosciutto, guanciale, bacon, pepperoni, and two types of Uli's italian sausage. It's a crowd pleaser.

That's the beauty of Lincoln South Food Hall. There's always something new to try, and with so many options you're sure to find something to please even the most discerning palette.