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Marination Ma Kai is located at 1660 Harbor Avenue Southwest in West Seattle. We ordered every item off their menu and wrote about what we thought. (Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

We ordered every thing on the menu at Marination

We ordered every item off the menu at Marination Ma Kai in West Seattle, took some photos then proceeded to eat it all. We wrote some words about what we thought (we've got a tough life, we know).

Our Favorite Bite
The Spam Slider was the favorite. It's the perfect combination with a Hawaiian-style roll, Marination's slaw and whatever NUNYA Sauce entails. If I had one last bite of food ever again, it might be the Spam Slider. We know Spam isn't for everyone, so their shredded kalua pork is really good too, but I prefer the salty and sweet flavors from the Spam.

Marination's Kimchi Fried Rice is what I would consider their staple menu item. It's a little spicy so if you aren't into any heat then I would skip this. We ordered this without any proteins, but the saltiness from the Kalbi beef makes that my favorite combination.

Tacos of every kind
I think we ordered 6 different tacos total. They are all really tasty with Marination's slaw, their house made pickled jalapeƱos, some sesame seeds and that NUNYA Sauce. In order of our favorite to least: Kalbi beef, miso ginger chicken, fish, sexy tofu, spicy pork and Kalua pork.

Playing it safe
You know when you go to a seafood restaurant and you have that friend that orders a cheeseburger? Well, at Marination we would call the fish 'n' chips that item on the menu. It wasn't bad, but with amazing flavors like kimchi fried rice and fish tacos you are definitely playing it safe if you get the fish 'n' chips.

Classic Hawaiian
The Loco Moco is delicious. If you've ever had Hawaiian food before then you've probably at least heard of the Loco Moco. It consists of a ground beef patty over white rich, beef gravy an two sunny-side eggs to top it off. Our favorite part of the dish was that gravy so definitely give it a try.

Did we mention we like Spam?
Marination offers two musubis: the house made Portuguese sausage and the spam musubi. We definitely prefer the classic Spam musubi over the Portuguese sausage here. Also, if you are craving a little extra with your meal, their side of Hawaiian mac salad offers a great addition. Of course we recommend it with Spam.

Pleasant surprise
We didn't decide to try everything on the menu because we were unfamiliar with Marination's food, but for all the times we've gone, Marination's Pork Katsu sandwich isn't something we were familiar with. It was fantastic. The outside was crunchy, the inside was moist a juicy and with a Macrina ciabatta bun and a slew of sauces and toppings make it that we would certainly order that again.

We probably wouldn't order this again
For as great and diverse Marination's menu is, we probably wouldn't order the kimchi quesadilla again. We ordered it without the Kalua pork, and maybe it's a lot better with the meat, but we were a little underwhelmed with the quesadilla.