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Stan Warzecha's massive Rainier Beer collection, consisting of over 3,500 pieces, which fills his home near Bonney Lake. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

We found Rainier Beer's #1 Fan

If you’re a fan of Rainier Beer, get ready to be very jealous.

Stan Warzecha is arguably Rainier Beer’s #1 Fan.

He started collecting Vitamin R memorabilia about 12 years ago, and says - since then - he’s amassed about 3,500 items including tap handles, limited edition beer cans, posters, bottle molds, and even the lid to a Rainier brew kettle.

We had to ask, why in the world does he do it?

"The reason I like Rainier is the history [it has] here in Washington State," said Warzecha. "I grew up with it in my backyard. It's your basic workingman beer. It goes with everything."

But being a collector is a full-time job. Warzecha can spend hours on the Internet every day looking for more collectables.

“It’s a part of history," he says about his collection, which really shows how Seattle's relationship with the beer has evolved over time.

And even though he’s not a big fan of hipsters, Warzecha says he’s glad young people have started drinking his favorite brew so the Rainier brand will live on.

“It’s the way it used to be," he says. "Rainier used to be the leader in its day. And now it’s come full circle."

It's true! From finding it on the shelves of almost every grocery store, to life-size beer bottles dancing around the streets on R Day, Rainier Beer has never been more popular.

"A younger generation has discovered it," said Warzecha. "It’s just not people who have drank it their whole lives but a new generation now."

Cheers to that.