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Photo Courtesy: James Lim / Watson's Counter

Neighborhood Nosh: Loco Moco, Cereal French Toast & more at Watson's Counter

In Neighborhood Nosh, we like to showcase restaurants that have been fixtures in the community for decades, but every once in awhile, I hear about a new spot and know I’ve got to check it out. That’s why we headed over to Watson's Counter in Ballard.

"Watson’s Counter is basically a neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant and hang out spot. The original vision was [to create] a place where we served good food, good coffee...We want people to come and hang and also be comfortable with us," said James Lim, Watson's human and the owner of this spot (Watson is James' doggo).

Lim worked in specialty coffee before deciding to open a coffee shop of his own. Or at least that was the initial concept.

"I'm a huge glutton, anybody who knows me knows I eat too much and [I was like], let's do food! Let's just do full meal so, so that's when I hit up Scott to say, 'Hey, I need a good menu and I know I can trust you to do it.'"

That would be Scott Lukeharta, trained sushi chef who helped open some of Seattle's most popular food trucks and now runs the kitchen at Watson's Counter.

"It was really just foods we wanted to eat so it feels like a home cooked meal but in a professional setting," said Lukeharta.

The menu includes a number of Korean-Inspired dishes and a Hawaiian staple that happens to be Scott's personal favorite.

"Loco Moco is essentially white rice, a hamburger patty, brown gravy and a fried egg," said Lukeharta. "It's just delicious. It's warm and comforting and you can eat it on a hot day, you can eat it on a cold day and it's filling. It's delicious."

The Loco Moco is obviously a house favorite but there is another dish that people keep coming back for. Cereal french toast. And this time - it's with Fruity Pebbles - the cereal of the day. As if it couldn't get any better, the cereal french toast is finished with orange rosemary whipped cream and of course, maple syrup.

"It really means the world to me. It really just goes to show that if we put out quality food and be quality people, you know, ethical treatment of the food, the team, each other, the guests - its all comes into play and it really is a dream come true."

Be sure to watch the clip above for a look into Watson's Counter! Watson's Counter is located at 6201 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107.