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Von Trapp's is now Rhein Haus. (Image: Von Trapp's / Rhein Haus Facebook)

Von Trapps on Capitol Hill is now Rhein Haus

As of today, the popular biergarten on Capitol Hill has officially been renamed to Rhein Haus (or as we're going to call it: the restaurant formerly known as Von Trapp's).

In a statement released this morning, the restaurant says "concern has arisen with one member of the Trapp family about confusion between the Seattle Von Trapp's and the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont."

That would be the lodge started and run by the von Trapp family (whose story was immortalized in Sound of Music).

Even though the two businesses could not be further apart geographically, the Seattle Von Trapp's decided to respect the request and change the name (even though the owners got the federal trademark in early 2013 when they opened). They decided on Rhein Haus as a homage to the longest river running through Germany.

The owners promise that even though the sign will change, everything else in and about the restaurant will stay the same.