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Heartwood Provisions is currently featuring three vermouths that pair with a specially crafted charcuterie and cheese board.

Vermouth used as cornerstone at Heartwood Provisions

Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, ketchup and mustard. There are certain things that are regarded as perfect pairs. At Heartwood Provisions, Beverage Director Amanda Reed and Executive Chef Kimberley Cosway are constantly working to create the next perfect pair between their cocktails and food selections. Reed and Cosway try to amplify the flavor of each other's creations so you can get the most out of each meal and cocktail they serve.

Vermouth is one of Reed's favorite ingredients when crafting a signature cocktail. It appears prominently in the drinks listed on the Heartwood Provisions menu. She isn't afraid to serve it alone, either.

The aromatic wine has the ability to add texture, acidity, or sweetness to foods, depending on which ones are chosen to go with the meal. It's often buried in American cocktails that focus on other liquors, and it isn't always included in high amounts in those cocktails.

Similar to a wine or whiskey flight, you can come into Heartwood Provisions and taste various vermouths. However, the purpose of this flight isn't to overpower you with alcohol content. Instead, the focus is on the taste.

Reed is currently featuring three vermouths that pair with Cosway's charcuterie and cheese board.

  • Carpano Bianco: A floral and citrusy vermouth that pairs well with dry cheeses.
  • St. Raphaël Doré: A vermouth that originates from Spain. Amber in color and buttery in taste, it pairs well with creamy cheeses.
  • House-blended red: A mixture of three different sweet vermouths (floral, bitter and fruity, and spicy). This pairs well with spicy, cured meats.

Another perk of dining at Heartwood Provisions is the staff's passion for building relationships and learning about new combinations of flavors. As you're tasting each dish and drink, don't be surprised to see Reed or Chef Cosway at your table to ask you about your experience.

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