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Who would have thought that a bunch of college bros would save our taste buds. (Image: Igloo Rolls)

Unicorn Poop is actually tastier than you think

Sorry not sorry, but we have a new sweet addiction!

Millions of people have been mesmerized by a YouTube phenomenon called Ice Cream Rolls (if you haven't seen the videos before, get ready to waste an hour of productivity). It's essentially what it sounds like: ice cream being rolled out like dough, and then configured into a pseudo-popsicle, pseudo-roll like concoction.

Enter: A group of local college bros.

They too, were obsessed with watching the mesmerizing videos, so they decided to start an Igloo Rolls food truck.

"I just had to have it," said co-owner Brian Haug. "We couldn't believe what we were looking at. This is flash frozen ice cream being rolled up and it breaks everything you know about ice cream from a scoop. We did some research and found out it wasn't near the West Coast so we decided to put our heads together, pull our money together and bring it out here to the great Pacific Northwest."

Igloo Rolls is now turning out some of the craziest and creative treats in the Seattle area.

I mean, one item on the menu is even called Unicorn Poop! Filled with Cap n' Crunch Berries and Fruity Pebbles, this is the yummiest poo we've ever come across. As co-owner Zach Ortega told us, "It's tastes just like the milk at the end of the cereal and it's amazing."

To learn where Igloo Rolls is headed next head to their website