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Pick your own fruit and veggies at Bailey Family Farm in Snohomish

At the Bailey Family Farm in Snohomish, fresh is best. And, it doesn't get fresher than picked right from the ground.

"We're all mostly U-pick, so you get to pick all your own produce, bring it home, cook it and eat it. It's a great chance to show maybe your kids where food comes from," said Elizabeth Bailey.

The Baileys have been working the same land off of Springhetti Road for more than 100 years — generation after generation of farmers. And, if you'd like a chance to know what it's like to spend some time in a field picking fruit and veggies yourself (or are looking for a fun outdoor outing for the kids), a visit to the Bailey Farm is hard to beat.

"We start with strawberries, that starts in early June. Then it moves through raspberries, garlic, onions," said Bailey. "We go into like the vegetables, cucumbers, potatoes, sweet corn, beets, lettuce, we try and grow a lot of different things we go all the way through October with pumpkins and more corn."

The process is simple. Park the car, grab a box and head out to the field to pick what's ripe. All the tools are provided, just bring your mask, sturdy shoes and be prepared to have some dirt under your fingernails.

"We have a lot of wide-open space here. Enjoy the outdoors. Room to social distance, come on out," said Bailey.

If you'd like to see what's in season at the Bailey Family Farm, click here.