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Washington be representin' on the list with Seattle's Bateau, and Lummi Island's Willows Inn. (Image courtesy of Willows Inn).<p></p>

Two WA spots made the '38 Essential American Restaurants' list

Every year Bill Addison from Eater travels around the states for 32 weeks and eats over 500 meals to create a road map of the 38 essential restaurants in the U.S..

First of all, how does one get THAT job?! Second of all - this has got to be the most comprehensive list of the best restaurants in the states! But - let's get to the real reason why I have you here today.

Washington be representin' on the list with Seattle's Bateau, and Lummi Island's Willows Inn.

Here's what Eater had to say about the two restaurants:


1040 East Union St., Seattle, WA

Renee Erickson may be most famous for her oyster bar the Walrus and the Carpenter, but Bateau is her magnum opus — a steakhouse that should change the way America thinks about one of its most codified dining experiences. The restaurant butchers whole cows, dry-ages its own steaks, and offers two dozen cuts written on chalkboards. When the few nightly orders of New York strips and rib-eyes are gone, they’re gone, and diners must explore lesser-known cuts that are as intensely pleasurable and often more affordable. Some chophouse signifiers carry over — the composed salads, the steak tartare, the insightfully curated wine list — but forget yesteryear’s burgundy booths and mahogany paneling: Erickson went for sunny, corner-bistro elegance.

Willows Inn

2579 West Shore Drive, Lummi Island, WA

Plan an overnight trip to this remote island, two hours and change from Seattle, for three square meals at the inn; the centerpiece is an astonishment of local bounty orchestrated nightly by chef Blaine Wetzel. Read Bill’s full review of Willows Inn.

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