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The Turducken Sandwich is a creative take on the holiday favorite at Feed Co. Burgers. Its namesake house-made turducken incorporates sage sausage, boneless chicken, boneless duck and semi-boneless turkey, sandwiched with shaved lacinato kale, crispy yam straws, fried cranberry jelly, red-eye gravy aioli and Bibb lettuce on a Kaiser roll. There are also tasty seasonal milkshakes, such as the maple pecan milkshake. Feed Co. Burgers has two locations, one in Redmond, and other in the Central District neighborhood of Seattle. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

It's a turkey! It's a duck! It's a chicken! No - it's all three, in a sandwich

Feed Co. Burgers is a Central District staple, known for its juicy burgers, perfectly crisp fries and handmade shakes. But this time of year, chef Scott Staples and his team are serving up something special, the turducken sandwich. What exactly is turducken? On the surface it looks like a simple roasted turkey, but inside it's something else entirely.

"We have sausage inside of chicken, and then we have chicken wrapped in duck, and then we have duck wrapped in turkey. We poached it several times throughout the process and then finished it in the oven. Roasted it up to give in that nice golden brown (color). Did a bunch of basting. It's awesome," explained Scott.

Turducken is a recipe from old England and takes Scott more than 10 hours to make. Luckily, at Feed Co., the turducken sandwich comes together in a matter of minutes.

First, the Turducken gets an extra layers of crispiness on the flat top. Then, it goes onto a toasted bun with house made cranberry relish and Scott's unique take on gravy.

"I've taken the drippings from the roasting and poaching of (the turducken) and emulsified them with mayonnaise, so it's kind of like a mayonnaise gravy," said Scott.

The sandwich is finished with sweet potato fries and a little bibb lettuce.

The end result is juicy and wildly delicious. A thoughtfully made, flavor packed taste of Thanksgiving, best washed down with a glass of wine or a local beer.