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Date milkshake? Count us in. (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

Pro Tip: Try a Date Milkshake in Grand Mound, WA

Burger Claim’s motto is “Strike it rich in taste!” and I'm here to say that I can confirm this detail.

Gold diggers from miles around find their bellies full and their hearts happy after a stop at this Wild West/Gold Rush themed restaurant in Grand Mound, Washington. No doubt, Burger Claim is worth its weight in gold!

Puns aside, Burger Claim truly does offer a fantastic menu. And, as much as I love their burgers (Gorgonzola Burger for life!) and tots I can’t seem to get away from their date milk shake.

Come again?

Yes, their date milk shake. As in the high fiber, naturally sweet fruit that grows on the date palm tree in tropical regions around the world. To create this perfect dessert, Burger Claim mixes date crystals from Shields Date Garden with vanilla ice cream for a just enough sweet treat. It probably sounds a little plain and somewhat weird, but honest to goodness, date shakes are where it’s at!

Let me explain. Date shakes are cool, creamy, and always the high point of our visit to Burger Claim. Trust me, try one you won’t be sorry!

But, I understand, if dates aren’t up your alley and you’re still feelin’ a milk shake, Burger Claim also has vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, mocha, on the menu. They’re all delicious, because truly how can you go wrong with a milkshake?

Seasonal favorites like caramel, Oreo, and blackberry are also available; just check the reader board when you enter. Milk shake prices are moderate with a medium coming in under $5. Even less if you’re a Great Wolf Lodge visitor as Burger Claim offers a 5 percent discount to hotel guests.

Burger Claim is in the same parking lot as Great Wolf Lodge, so close in fact that you can walk there! Just don’t wear you’re wet swimsuit - that’s not allowed. Without highlighting awful food options in the area, I’ll say that if you find yourself enjoying the fun of Great Wolf Lodge, DEFINITELY opt for a meal or two a Burger Claim. They’re open at 8 a.m. for breakfast and the regular menu is served until 10 or 11 p.m. depending on the night.

That means when your little miner’s heart gets a late night hankering for a date milk shake Burger Claim will be ready to help you strike gold! Enjoy!